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Author Topic: Allow Me to Introduce Myself  (Read 1822 times)

Offline warvet

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Allow Me to Introduce Myself
« on: September 09, 2009, 01:05:46 AM »
Hi guys,
My name is Tim, I am 46 yrs old I have been building for 10+ years, I am married with 5 kids 3 boys 2 girls. My youngest son 22 is just back from his 3rd deployment in Iraq and is off to Afghanistan in Jan. I have been building my A340 for past 10 years and only recently somewhat disassembled it, but majority is still flying. I am a RL pilot but have not renewed my medical and don't think I will. For my occupation,I am an International Bodyguard (Close Protection Specialist) Private Military Contractor (overseas deployments),I travel globally training Law enforcement, ERT teams, Special forces foreign and Domestic.Additionally own and operate several Combat Martial Art training schools in Canada and US.I have been training for 40 years since I was little and teaching for 30. I love it as much as I do building sims. :) Additionally, I own and operate a survival training school that focuses on Wilderness, Cold Weather,Mountain, Desert and Anti Terrorist training.
I love flying my Sim more than building, but have definitely, learned a ton in the process.
I have been graciously appointed as a Moderator in the forum by Trev, and therefore if there's anything you need please don't hesitate to ask.
I look forward to helping anyone who may need any questions answered, I will do my best. if I can't answer them I'll try help you find someone who can. You'll find many folks here are incredibly knowledgeable about building and I'm sure you'll have very little trouble, getting answers.Nice meeting you in advance
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