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WARNING to anyone looking to buy an ACE YOKE (Thread Locked)

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Someone has ordered the yoke 737 from ACE.

In my case I ordered one on 29/12/2011 and still waiting.
And there is no answer to my e-mail from this company.

I am concerned, I am left with the service.
10 days ago they reply on of my many mails answering that they will give me my tracking number. No news after this mail.

I was wondering if for you it is the same.


I would not worry too much.
Ali will probably contact you

I would not worry too.

Same happened with my dual linked yokes for 5 days.

I received an e-mail from Ali. He was too busy building. He will contact you for sure.

This is how it goes with our hobby, we have to deal with these kind of "delays".



Trevor Hale:
After seeing the email to me from Karim, I contacted Ali, and passed on his concerns.  Since then he has responded to Karim and everything is fine.  Unfortunately we all get caught up in the "Buy it now, Want it now"  We all know this does not happen in this hobby.

Best regards,


PS Ali, passes on his best to all of us.

I'm biting my tongue because I'll be flamed, but be prepared to potentially wait for months after being told you will be sent a tracking number "on Monday".


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