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Google Malware warning again...



Just kidding Trev! Exhale...

Too soon?

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Trevor Hale:
/ban Efe.. OMG you got me.... 

I just said OH F#$K.  because it was the first thing I saw in the Recent posts......  Remind me to kill you LOL. 

Thanks though bud, I needed the laugh LOL

Well I especially tried to time it around the time you would be getting that cup of joe and sitting in front of the PC. By the way, how are you doing on getting those coffee spray stains off the monitor?  ;)

Just thought sufficient time had passed that it would be OK to give you a nice jolt... glad you enjoyed it!

Trevor Hale:
Lol I was at work go figure. Especially when I couldn't do anything to fixit. Nicely done. I am ok and still crossing my fingers things will finally be ok.

How you doing? Thanks for asking! Looking forward to our June meet and greet.



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