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I wanted to shed some light on some of the scenery available in X-plane 10 because I believe there is a lot more than folks realize and want to make sure everyone is aware.    As new stuff comes out perhaps it can be added to this thread.

Base platform should be X-plane 10 Global

Free Aerosoft Airports included:

Others included free: KSEA, innsbruk

Available Excellent Payware airports:
Wilmington Int'l

Excellent Payware Scenery I have and can vouch for:

REALSCENERY - Florida, Tennessee, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Island of Oahu

Cities - Tucson, Reno/Carson City, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle

Other Areas - Western Canada (Final Frontier), Canadian Rockies, and Alaskan Panhandle (inside passage) which is great for Bush flying.   Rest of Alaska including major airports like Anchorage coming in 2013.

Other payware I don't have yet but on my list:
New Zealand
UK Photoscenery

Now note that this is not an exhaustive list but merely the main stuff I know about to date.   In addition, there have been a lot of conversions of FSX scenery to X-Plane and are made regularly freely available at X-Plane.org by user community.   There is also information on how to do this on the site.

As you can see, X-Plane 10 is certainly not lacking in good scenery.  Obviously no where near as much as FSX but version 10 is relatively new yet by comparison and will take time.  Yes, I am very optimistic of its future. 

If anyone has more recommended scenery I didn't list or can comment on any scenery above that I listed as not purchased yet please add to the thread.

Thank you,

Hi Scott

Got the Amsterdam scenery a few days ago from the x-plane org store, it is very very good.


Scott, I agree in small numbers your right there is great scenery for X plane, and you know I'm a huge fan of it and I would through FSX in the bin tomorrow if I could!

My concern is the developers are not developing for X plane and those that are are definitely the minority! I mean your list is all American pretty much! I have tried Lugano which is an aerosoft product and its awesome! I'm annoyed with aerosoft as they openly said to the public that they were getting on board with xplane but take a look at their previews forum! Everything they are developing is FSX!

I'm not moaning im just a bit upset really as I absolutely love xplane it's truly amazing and FSX is only close to it because of the scenery but I just don't think the developers will ever be brave enough to ditch FSX and let's be honest why would they as they won't make any money out of xplane! I have seen the financial results myself. Plus developing for an ever changing sim is never ideal!

I have had a go at the fs2xplane program too and it doesn't work and needs the sloping runways turned off too and that's one thing I want to have turned on in xplane.

Anyway it's night time here so I'm off for some xplane flying!

Good thread this Scott will be a good resource!

Great thread Scott.  I agree XP scenery is a little light on at the moment compared to FSX but as your list testifies, there is an increasing amount being developed.  I believe in the "100th Monkey" principle, as more users come on board and jump up n down or even start developing for themselves (XP has a pretty comprehensive environment editor), commercial developers will see it as a cash cow.  Where that tipping point will be (the 101st Monkey) who knows but it will come.  Besides, XP10 takes advantage of all the current GPU power and shader technology that FSX is totally oblivious too due to its age.  Keen developers should see this as a tasty challenge :)

Now, to build another 2 PC's!


JUST RELEASED TODAY  ------   Chicago O'hare International - ORD!!!!  ;D ;D ;D

Oh ye of little faith.... :P




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