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737 Throttle Conversion OC + ProSim

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[UPDATE 7/22/2014 -- Added SIOC Script]

Hey Everyone,

I have converted a real 737 TQ and motorized it along with interfacing it for OpenCockpits DC Motor Plus card, and ProSim. I can attach the SIOC script later once I remember to grab it next time on the sim.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some videos and more or less a bill of materials on what I used to convert it. I'll also be creating a detailed blog post about some of the thought process and "brick walls' along the way.

I'll be getting a bunch of photos in the coming weeks also once I finalize everything as to provide some references for anyone else going down this road.

Lastly...huge Thanks to FredK! I stole most of his ideas and saved me a lot of time.

Bill Of Materials:
1 - Opencockpits DC Motor Plus Card
2 - String Pots (PA-LX-10)  You'll need to call Unimeasure directly to place the order
2 Slip clutches (S98CA6MMOC320838 from A7Z32MPB008MP 8mm Bore, Pillow-Mounted with PTFE
2 6mm to 8mm Couplers (connects the motors to the slip clutch)  // Coupler Size "A" // SAC1: Side 1: 6mm bore, Side 2: 8mm bore
2 Pillow Blocks (connects free end of slip clutch to base)
1 Car door actuator for parking brake & probably a switch (this may work for someone, but I was not happy with this approach, in the process of changing it using magnetic latches...check back for updates)
1- Steel cable for pulleys -
1 - Steel cable cramps -
1 Servo for Speed Brake, Hitec HS-815BB (could not use DC motor card with this, had to use standalone Opencockpit servo card)
1- HS-322HD Servo for trim guage
1 - GHM-12 Gear Head Motor 12VDC 30:1 253rpm --
2 - Alps RSAON1119A02 10K ohm thin B taper (linear) (for Flaps and Spoiler position)
1 - Sprocket for trim motor. Martin Roller Chain Sprocket, Bored-to-Size, Type B Hub, Single Strand, 35 Chain Size, 0.375" Pitch, 11 Teeth, 0.5" Bore Dia., 1.502" OD, 1.0625" Hub Dia., 0.168" Width --

From Grainger online:
1 - Item no: 2W092 #35 chain roller (from trim wheels)
1 - Item no: 2W092 #35 master chain link

Hardware Store:
Stainless Steel plates from local hardware store to build brackets and braces
various nuts, bolts, metal and wood screws

ServoCity List:
2 -  634184 8mm shafts for sprocket & clutch mount (connected from 6 to 8mm coupler to clutch. 3 inch is too big, buy a few 1-2 inch versions)
3 -  MM-250 precision motor mounts (2  for throttle, 1 for trim wheel)
2 - (634182) (17.04.03) 5/16 inch x2 inch Precision Shaft (this shaft connects the sprocket/clutch portion to the pillow block)
2 - 98847A005 4-40x12 inch Stainless Steel Threaded Rod (may want 2 additional incase you cut one inncorrectly)
10 -  (10756) (09.04.02) 4-40 Linkage
6 - (C250) .250 inch  Metal Chain (12 inch) and 1 connecting link (to link attach throttle cable to sprockets)
1 - (CHB475) .250 inch Chain Breaker to get chain length precise
1 - (545576) (06.12.03) 6mm Bore Set Screw Hub (0.770 inch) (attached to trim wheel motor, and then attached to hub sprocket below)
2 - PG12-200P 15rpm precision gear motor
2 - RHS-250-24 24 teeth #25 plastic sprocket gear (had to drill holes in them to attach to the clutch plate) (for parking brake magetic catch. Have not figured out which one to use yet, but ordered all 3)
a14010700ux0238         DC 12V 5mm 560g 1.2lb Push Pull Intermittent Electromagnet Solenoid      1
a13122300ux0016         DC12V 0.2A 2.4W Open Frame Push Pull Solenoid Electromagnet 0mm 500g 6mm 30g      1
a13121700ux0045         12V 7.5W Pull Type Open Frame Holding Force Solenoid Electromagnet

Lastly, here are the videos

This first video is pre-fab and walks through the basics of how the throttle operates. Small | Large

This video is after I've gotten about 90% of the conversion done. Small | Large

- Shawn

Aerosim Solutions:
Nice work, thanks for sharing! Gwyn

Nice work!

Great work!

Great documentary!


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