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Trevor Hale:

--- Quote from: Botox on October 22, 2014, 12:56:50 AM ---
--- Quote ---Which raises an interesting question.....Does anyone know how to gauge what the accurate cockpit volume should be in the cockpit

--- End quote ---

For me it's when the neighbors start complaining about living too close to an airport.

--- End quote ---

LOL.  Yeah, thats the fun part.  I hate my neighbor so its perfect for me LMFAO.

Sam Llorca:
FYI, don't tell anyone but this guys brought in a massive subwoofer that I didn't  have space for it, ridiculous, that my speakers were a piece of *** and to let them replace it! I said yes! men, they weren't kidding and if we crank those amps I wo be looking for a new warehouse roof. :huh:

Trevor Hale:
I think I just peed a little...  I am sooo excited to hear this.  I will have to bring my DC headset too I guess :)

Ok then, me too. DC's coming along.


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