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Bob Reed:
Hey Fred. I think we have a tendency to run the AC noises too high in the cockpit. The engines are a ways from the cockpit and facing the opposite way. We will be running the volumes a little lower this year.

If the use of Sam's headset intercom box doesn't change significantly, we'll be able to control the headset volume/sound a little better. I have ulterior motives though...

Last year, we couldn't get video that included both the jet ambient noises and pilot/ATC intercommunication.  This year I hope to use a 10-channel mixer along with a specialized audio cable that will allow  mixing of any sound we can plug into it and feed to to anywhere we want.

End-effect being we'll hear everything.. ATC, Pilot Comms, and jet, in whatever we decide to feed the signal to.

Sam Llorca:
If you guys need an extra headset you can bring your aviation headsets,  but I have 2 bose headsets, the big and smaller version. , also with this breakout boxes they installed any aviation headset can be plugged inor any other 1/4" input, or we can plug in Ray's mixer,  looking good so far, Cheers.

Ok, sounds good Sam. I'll bring along my own DC then.


--- Quote ---Which raises an interesting question.....Does anyone know how to gauge what the accurate cockpit volume should be in the cockpit

--- End quote ---

For me it's when the neighbors start complaining about living too close to an airport.


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