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Trevor Hale:
Yes could use some tweaking but don't wana break anything. Down for maintenance. Gonna miss this one to catch up to the rest and work on a couple things.


Thanks for the update Trev, was wondering what was going on.  Looking good so far.  Thanks for leveling out the Nose view camera, I was leaning in my chair to compensate LOL

Saw some great crew interaction on the checklists and flows, looked good.  Bob gave a little talk to the public and it was very nice touch!

Keep up the good work.


Go around!!  :'(

Still with you on the West Coast. Looks like Fred and either Kyle or Trevor.. can't tell.

Conversations are short and to the point. You can tell it's late at night and crews are very tired.

Trevor Hale:
It happens when you get tired.  Lol I am sure you will be the same. Ha ha ha.


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