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Trevor Hale:
OH...  And the Engine start switches require a push in motion prior to turning them :)

Sam Llorca:
Thank you guys for your comments and guidance, I just want to let you know that today was another test day on the sim, sound is great, P3dv2.4 is working like a champ, overall systems check on the sim are ready to go, but I have a couple of unresolved issues...
Can't get Active Sky Next to connect to the sim and can't get Vpilot to detect a push to talk switch on the avionics  machine, can anybody help on this, I need to share a switch over the network.
AND THERE IS A SURPRISE FOR ALL OF THOSE ATTENDING WFT2014,  If interested on finding out what's new on WFT2014, you should attend. I'm willing to bet that Rey would love it! INTERESTED YET?

Did you get ASN working?

There was a thread over at
just recently on this.

I think in summary it said: read the step by step guide, make sure simconnect is run on server and client and watch your firewall.

Trevor Hale:
Maybe I could get the button to work across wideFS instead if needed. Shouldn't be an issue Sam I can do that when I get there if needed.


Bob Reed:
I am in the air and about halfway to Atlanta. Things are going well so far. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Lets start making some noise! Lets beat last years total!


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