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Author Topic: Boeing 777 Panel  (Read 4689 times)

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Boeing 777 Panel
« on: December 18, 2009, 10:20:29 AM »

According to Nikolay Poriazov has published his ‘Boeing B777′ panel under the NPSimpanels brand name. From what they are reporting, you basically get 3 detailed B777 panels, a camera file, custom animations, a photoreal 2D panel and more. Using a single PC solution, with multiple monitors you would be able to un-dock the instruments and drag them to your selected monitors.

Main Panel
  • 3 detailed Boeing 777-200ER,777-200LR 777-300 Panels
  • Camera
  • Custom Animations,2 Overhead Panels
  • Photorealistic 2D panel including multiple views:Overhead,Pedestal,Radio audio.fmc.F/O Efis panel
  • Multi-Primary Flight Display,True Mode Switch North referenc,Autobracke,Brake Accumulator
  • Captan-F/O Multi-Function display:Engine,STAT,HYD,ELEC,DOOR,GEAR,FCTL,Camera,Electronic checklist Atc.,
Virtual cockpit
Simulated systems : APU, engine startup, air conditioning,Hydraulic System,
Fuel System, Electrical System, Bleed Air Condition cabin altitude control panel, Lights control panel,
Eng-Secondary - Multi-Function display STAT,HYD,ELEC,DOOR,GEAR,FCTL Atc.,Engines Masters, Engines Starter,
Rudder Trim, Parking brake lever, flaps and spoilers levers
Flight Management Computer
  • IDENT Aircraft POS INIT Inertial Reference System position initialization
  • PERF INIT Performance initialization – aircraft weights, fuel reserves, cruise altitude
  • THRUST LIM Selecting reference thrust limits, reduced and derated thrust.
  • TAKEOFF REF Takeoff VNAV profile, takeoff reference speeds
  • APPROACH REF Approach reference speeds
  • ACT RTE 1 ICAO code of origin-destination airport
  • FlightPlan data FSX
  • 1.AUDIO PANEL Transmit comm1,Transmit all,Transmit comm2 ATC; Ident VOR L VOR R ADF L ADF R.MKR.
  • 2.RADIOPANEL VHF L R(COM1 2) (COM2)This mode displays Active and Standby VHF LR (COM1 2 )frequency. Tuning knob changes Standby frequency, which canbe swapped into Active window by pressing Swap Button.
  • 3.Transponder
Find Out More HERE
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