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I'm a lucky man.

I have a great gal, who supports nearly everything I do, so when we were looking for a house to live in, a few years back, I wanted one with enough room for my sim.

The house we bought has three bedrooms, with ensuites, a spacious open living and dining room, double lock up garage and a breezeway!

The breezeway was the size of a bedroom, only, attached between the house and the garage. Absolutely perfect for the cockpit!

So, only a month after moving in, I had my mates down from the coast, helping me build in the ends and turn this room into my dream.

That was over two years ago.

The Sim Room has a 6 foot slider for entry and a 1 metre by 3.6 metre foyer area.
I have just finished tiling it and it has a nice full wall graphic that I had installed with my Airline and Route Info. I have a laptop hooked up in the corner and it's attached to a 40" monitor. I play the Intro movie when guests come over for a fly, before entering the flight deck.

So, I'm on the home straight now. I am currently finishing off my overheads. just spent the past few days installing all the power supply, power distribution box, usb, 240 volt outlet in the roof cavity.
Still have a bit of testing to go on the forward overhead, but it should be all wrapped up and installed in the next few weeks.

I got 32 flights set up, for my friends, over the Xmas break, so I can't be late.

It's been a fabulous build and a ball breaking, money pit, but I've loved every minute of it.

Now, I can almost smell the rewards of all my toil!

Frank Cooper

Trevor Hale:
Wow Frank, that is amazing..  Love the idea of your setup.  Nicely done..

Quick Question..  Is that you or your mate that is a dead ringer for Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)?  LOL

Regardless of our struggles, you know as well as I do, that Working on these simulators is our happy place.


Thanx Trev.
Wolverine is the installer for the Company that I got the graphic produced from.

Those guys really knew their stuff and I designed the graphic, had it printed and installed for 700 bucks. It's 3.6 metres high and 3 metres wide.

The helper of Wolverine actually owns the Company. Pretty good service, huh?

Frank Cooper

Trevor Hale:
Lol yes that is excellent service. The graphic didn't look that big but that's awesome.

One of these days I need to visit your area and check that out first hand.

Nice hanger though.

Frank - excellent work.  We are all envious of how far you are with your project.  AND yes - you are so right about having a partner that is supportive, or at least tolerant, of our hangars we build at home.

When I first started mine, she would make me put up a white board of all I spent, with a running total. I resolved that by offering her to take a year long sabbatical from her work and I would pay for whatever she wanted to do. She attended French cooking school for a year.  So now I can take down the white board and exercise more with all the good eating.  Seems like my mate and I found a win-win situation.  :)


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