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German B738NG Homecockpit-Projekt

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after I got some important measures from this competent community,
I continued working on my homecockpit.
The forward and aftersidewalls are finished and you may see the result.
Thanks a lot for help!

so long, Thomas

Trevor Hale:
Awesome work.  Glad we were able to help!


Bob Reed:
I am always blown away by what some can produce in wood! Nice job!  :D

Joe Lavery:
It seems a shame to paint all that beautiful woodwork. Very nice clean job...


I will present you the next was a hard way to completion

- audio port
- ashtray
- sound system (rear speaker)
- air condition
- trim of the window frames
- and many little things that can make big trouble  ;)

and again: I thank all for the help!

so long, Thomas


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