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Author Topic: ALL NEW MEMBERS  (Read 1309 times)

Offline warvet

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« on: September 18, 2009, 06:39:56 AM »
Welcome to all new members who have just taken the time to join our forum. we hope it offers you all the benefits you need to create a truly spectacular project and help realize your dreams of virtual flight. You are indeed most welcome and we certainly hope you feel that way. if you have any questions or problems with another member, because we do understand differences of opinion and misunderstanding can and will occur from time to time, given the diverse group that makes up our esteemed membership's ranks.Please do not feel it necessary to respond in a defensive manner that could possibly insight only further problems. Send myself or any of the moderators a message, clearly stating the problem and persons involved and we will be more than happy to address the issue in a manner, that will resolve the problem.

If you have taken the time to change from trolling and just sitting on the outside looking in to the leap of becoming a full member, it would be greatly appreciated , even if you haven't yet made a post or replied to any, that you take a moment out to introduce yourself so we may know who you are and get to know you better. No different than visiting someones home we, just ask that you extend your hand, tell us abit about yourself, and so that in return we can welcome you properly.I see we have quite a few new members, that have not yet introduced themselves. If this includes you, please do so ASAP out of respect for the other members of the forum.I personally look forward to meeting you as I'm sure every member here as well.

Kind Regards

So to get started I would like to welcome some builders who I have known for a long time and also a couple who also have become good friends to me.

Special welcome to:

Steve Cos (Peter Cos Bros and a driving force at FDS a company with absolutely cutting age quality in cockpit building.)
Welcome Steve!

Roberto Dodiano (great guy and an A320 Pilot out of Central America) Welcome Roberto nice to see you.
Gary ( a good personal friend and super builder also
an aviation technician with allot of skill. Welcome mate! Glad you made it.

Thomas Richter (a go to guy for anything Project Magenta. an excellent guy and great builder0 Welcome Thomas :)

Mike Powell (Literally a Cockpit Building Guruy and an amazing person. This man is a wealth of information and is very willing to help out new builders) Welcome Mike, super to see ya.

Pascal Haldenstein (Also an excellent builder and very easy to get along with guy with a ton of skill) Welcome Pascal :)

Go ahead and introduce yourselves guys!

personally the following new members and ask if your name appears on the list below, please take a moment out to write a small intro about yourself as part of our forum rules and of course just basic courtesy. If you have already and I just failed to see it, please accept my profound appologies and chalk it up to my , eyes getting old lol. Thank you again in advance and please enjoy your stay.

Pascal Haldenstein           
Thomas Richter     
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