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737 builds?

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Bob Reed:
Is there no one here building a 737 with X-Plane and using Project Magenta? Or any kind of a sim in X-Plane with Project Magenta? It would sure be nice if there was more than just me! lol  :idiot:

Hi Bob,
there are 3 or 4 of us building 737 on X-Plane here in Germany.
Half of us believes Zibo mod is the way to go, the other folks tent to go with X737. For Zibo some things are due, ie. an AirManager ND while for X737 there are products available such as CPFlight MCP and other modules.

For avionics we tend to go more the AirManager and XHSI way. PM seemed to have stopped development we heared.


I am beginning my project on XP11. No way I go back to M$ - P3D. As stated above I think Zibo with AirManager will be the way to go when completed all what's missing. Meanwhile the hardware has me busy.

It is quite exciting to follow the development "on line" thus not for the faint of heart! I am a man of faith!



Bob Reed:
I have tried X-Plane on a couple of occasions. I liked the sim but ran into many problems trying to use an avionics software with it. It seems that there is no real way of disabling the built in autopilot. I have to use PM (Project Magenta) to run my MCP and Efis. They are old PFC units. X-Plane has come a long way in the last few years. Are you folks all building NG.s and if so what are you using for avionics?


Forget about PM, ProSim and I´d say even Sim Avionics. In the pure X-Plane theory ;-) you will use AirManager or XHSI etc.. If you havn´t heared of them, you might need to browse x-plane.org i guess.

The standard AP/FMC is normally not what you use (unless "Zibo" is done with his...) . But there are XFMC, UFMC and X737FMC add ons (free or low cost like €20,-).

Finally, as sated above, we are some 737 builders here and set up a new FB group for much quicker communication with realtime chat etc. "X-Plane Homecockpit (German and English)"


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