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Lua code help needed=Answered !


Hi all,
Can a LUA expert have a look at this for me please to see what I am doing wrong...
The aircraft I am working with is the Carenado Phenom 300.
This is what I see in the LINDA tracer when right click the ALT SEL knob in the aircraft VC to switch between altitude increments of 100 or 1000.
Watching new LVar: H850XPAltWheelPUSHTOGGLE = 0
LVar: H850XPAltWheelPUSHTOGGLE = 1
LVar: H850XPAltWheelPUSHTOGGLE = 0
LVar: H850XPAltWheelPUSHTOGGLE = 1
This is the LUA function I wrote .....
function alt_incr_toggle_100 ()
     ipc.writeLvar("HP850XPAltwheelPUSHTOGGLE", 1)
function alt_incr_toggle_1000 ()
     ipc.writeLvar("HP850XPAltwheelPUSHTOGGLE", 0)
I then assigned this onto a button in LINDA using the fields ON PRESS and ON RELEASE.
However when I watch the same Lvar in the tracer while pushing and releasing the assigned button the tracer shows no change? LINDA sees the button as working (i.e when I push the button LINDA moves to assign button position 30)
This is similar code that I have written for other switch functions and they work ok.
Any ideas?

Ok, sorted myself out now thanks.


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