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Hi flying friends,

To whom it may interest, I wrote a small tutorial to explain how to use multi-view / multi-monitor in X-Plane 11, using Fly Elise-ng great warping software. Follow the link:

Happy loops!  ;)


Hi Pierre,
can you please check your link? go to a flight simulaor center

many thanks

Joe Lavery:
I think this is what we term as click-bait, offer something that might be of interest to get forum users to visit the site and get a free advert.

a moderator should remove the link... :2cw:


Hey Guys,

I think his copy/paste got lost in translation somehow. I don't know Pierre, but I think he is honestly trying to help everyone... :idiot:

Here is the correct link:


Before clicking the red "Red This Article" box to see the Xplane tutorial, please first switch from the "FR" (France) language to "EN" (English) language by clicking the FR and it will switch to EN, it's at the top right corner of the web page.

If you wish to see more or the blog from this site, click on the "Log Book" and it'll give you a small pop-up box, then select tutorials (currently only one) or to see the blog now click here:


Kind Regards,


PS. Pierre please do not take what the guys say as a negative, they just want too make sure Cockpit Builders does not get hacked or misused. If you need help with further postings on the forum, just ask. Otherwise, Welcome to Cockpit Builders!


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