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Starting a new topic on compatibility with Prosim, PM, Simavionics etc
Go Guys ;)

Thanks for the idea Jack!
I was really interested to know the compatibility for interfacing an A320 with xplane.......

Still setting up ProSim and XP and looking for help. First repsonse in FB home cockpit builder group was a clever one:
ProSim doesn´t support X-Plane.

Displays are working, MCP and EFIS dials/buttons not. Well, the Course dial works: XP follows ProSim. Don´t quite understand yet where the logic is when there is no PS flight model installed...should be XP acf. , no?

Doesn´t work. MCP functions don´t work together. Test ended.
Feedback in other forums: doesn´t work.


Many in these forums and others have already tried many times.   It is a dead subject.  Prosim is not going to support X-Plane and as you have found out after trying in vane and wasting your time it doesnt work.  That "clever" response as you put it in another forum was probably someone just trying to help you from wasting your time.

There is a lot of combined experience here.  Not saying you should trust everything you read or any one person but if you domyour research and use the search functions you will find a wealth of information including the fact above.

The best chance of a full 737 suite working in X-plane would be using Sim-Avionics, xpuipc, and the x737 with its plug in disabled so it doesnt interfere with Sim-Avionics.   Basically you would just be using the x737 flight model.   There are a number of tweaks that have to be done (last time I tested) in planemaker to the engines but it did work.   Other than that, if you want an NG the second best may be to use the Zibo modded version along with arduino (I would recommend Teensy from PRJC) as they have some flight sim specific libraries.   The main issue with this setup is that there are I believ no undockable DU, ND or EICAS displays.   Also no CDU support with current manufactures (possibly...but I havent heard of any).

In short, if you want to do an NG...save yourself the headaches and do the tried and tested Prepared/FSX with Prosim or Sim-A.    X-plane right now will be an uphill battle.

If however you want to do a 727,737-200, or 737-300 then use the FlyjSim 727 and 732 or use the IXEG 733.   They have all the datarefs one needs to interface with arduino.  You just need to get OEM panels or somehow make them.

Probably much easier on the build it yourself side would be X-Plane using GA type planes or a KingAir like Ray did using panels from Ruscool.   Plenty of options and X-Plane ia a fantastic builders platform.

My experience and a little .02 for what its worth.  If I am incorrect on any of the above and someone has new information feel free to correct me and share.



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