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Boeing 737 Oxygen Mask Panels (New Product)

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B737 Oxygen Panels

$45 USD for 1
$70 USD for set of 2

If interested or have any questions, please email with your position on the globe and we will send you a shipping quote.

Real ones are hard to get and way overpriced
Very good idea and splendid at a rock bottom price.
One suggestion
The test button should be working (with a simple lever or push switch) even if it implies a higher cost.
SimA and other high end avionic software allow a "Pshheet" wave to be played when pushed.
Nice addition anyway

Hi Jorge,

Do you have a website? Also, I would be interested in a pair if you did include a button/switch like Jack speaks of...


Any plans for the foot air/ windshield air panel for the lower mip?
Last piece of the puzzle for me :)

Thanks for the kind words and interest.  I should have specified it but yes, the panels DO include a small tactile switch under the TEST tab.   8)

hirail22 - Yes, I do plan on producing those down the line alongside other "hard to find" items. 




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