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Boeing 737 Oxygen Mask Panels (New Product)

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No, got refund through PayPal...


Unfortunately I have not gotten my panels yet either so I cannot speak for the quality.
Jorge told me today he is waiting on some things to come from the metal shop.
At this point, I will just wait it out and post when I receive them.
He is not taking any orders presently and focusing on the orders in process.

Tick tock  :-\


My story:
I tried twice to get ware from Jorge (Navcom Simulations)
I paid, did not receive any goods and then demanded the money back.
Then he wrote to me that he can deliver.
I paid again and no goods received so far.
We are not talking about days but months.
Until sunday he has time to report, then I demand back my money via paypal.
It is incomprehensible to me that someone makes so many false promises.

my tip: keep your fingers away, it only causes trouble.   >:(

so long, Thomas


First post here although I have been following posts at this board for a long time. NavCom has become hot discussion on another Home Cockpit Builders FB page and what you read is very sad. First time I read about him was at this forum.

He has caused a lot of stir and raised a lot of dust around some simmers. I am not sure if you have to follow the Home Cockpit Builders page to read what is going on there, but here is the link:


I ordered mine on 21st August! Many subsequent plausible excuses, very personable response from Jorge. However, every promise was broken and I recently asked for my money back. Very polite reply, very sorry etc and of course my money will be returned at the end of that week.

Needless to say, the refund never happened.

Avoid like the plague.



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