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Worldflight 2017 - 4 Days to go....


Trevor Hale:
Hey Guys,

Well, we only have 4 days to go to the start of Worldflight 2017.  We aren't doing as good as past years with the donations, but thankfully some of our members have come through for us.  In the forums we rant and rave about all the money we spend on our simulators, and how much money we spend on overpriced parts and thingamagigs, and we brag how this hobby is only for those who are willing to drop stupid amounts of coin on the parts they want no matter what, yet here we are and we can't send 5, 10, 20 or even 50 bucks to support a cause that we (AS A COMMUNITY) support every year.

Good thing I didn't make any bets with the other teams that we would catch them LOL. 

Well with 4 days to go until the start of worldflight 2017 we are still in the race with the Australians.  Here are the totals so far...

* QFA25 - $6,649.26 AUD
* Team Perth - $4,653.52 AUD
* Team Mangrove - $1,829.63 AUD
* Team USA - $1,270.00 (~$1,658.00 AUD)
* Team Airbus - $742.97 AUD
* Team Noble - $110.84 AUDWe are still nowhere near the $5,417.00 We Raised Last year, nor ever at the $3,365.00 we raised the year before that.  So Get off your butts and Support our group.  We only raise money once a year, here is your chance to get in on it.
Please Donate Now

You guys do a great job, but I find the wording used in trying to get your point across a little strong.

Although we are all part of this community and support what you do and donate accordingly, perhaps there are also some that prefer to support charities in their own countries of residence who need the funds just as badly or perhaps just aren't aware that its that time of year again.

Gary of course you are right and many have their favorite charities but I appreciate the nudge by Trevor.   

To others...We have over 3000 members registered on Cockpitbuilders and it is pitiful the amount raised for such a worthy cause.   I simply forgot and the reminder was helpful.   There are a lot of us participating on this forum and Trevor will never take a penny of anyone's money for the site or the time he, Bob, Jack and others have spent supporting this site.   We can all at least contribute something to this cause...each within their means of course.    A sacrificial gift if you will.... that could be a dollar for some but hundreds or thousands for others.   Any amount is equally appreciated.

For me personally Trevor's words hit a nerve.   I donate to many different places but jeez...I can forgoe that next gauge or widget for my cockpit building hobby to donate a little on behalf of it.

Let's all chip in...not to beat another team...but to help out some kids who really need us.

Thank you Trevor

Trevor Hale:
Gary,  You are 100% Right..  May have sounded a little strong. "BUT"

This is such a worthy cause!  I just can't help supporting it year after year with all of our friends here.  Speaking of numbers and other countries.....  3 of the 10 individuals that had donated as of this morning were from other countries than the USA That's 30%.   1/2 of the Worldflight Team USA Organizing committee is Canadian, and the best part is nobody cares.

 We are part of a community that supports each other in our quest for simulator building, am I that far in left field to want to support something that lets us have a weeks holiday doing nothing but our hobby with a great group of people and raise money for some families that need it at the same time? 

Giving back as a group, is in my view better than giving out individually.  Especially when we can all do it while doing something we love and share together. 

Sorry, I wasn't meaning to be harsh, I just really look forward to helping these kids, and I am passionate about it. I agree we only have so much money to give out..  So I personally just save my money for this, however..  Just because I buy a box of girl guide cookies from a little girl today, doesn't mean that I am going to turn the scout away from my door tomorrow empty handed.

 Anyway, I can't convince everyone, and I am not going to try..  Sorry if I offended anyone.  But Since this post we got more of the community involved, and I thank all of you for your support.  You guys are awesome!


Trevor Hale:

--- Quote from: XOrionFE on October 31, 2017, 08:55:09 PM ---Let's all chip in...not to beat another team...but to help out some kids who really need us.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Scott,  That's the spirit


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