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737 FWD Overhead Switch Diagram

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During the process of my 737 Overhead build I got a lot of help from the community, particularly MickC, in figuring out what locking switches I needed where.  Thanks to his generosity (and permission), I am able to visually share what he provided to me and what I gathered along the way in this diagram. 

Don't know if someone has already done something like this, but hey, never hurts to pay one forward  ;D


Hey Mick and Tony,

Thanks for posting this, it’ll be a huge help for a lot of builders... What do the different colors of the bounding boxes represent? Is there a legend or key code for what the colors represent or is it just a random choice to help define different areas?

Also, do you have a list of best places (or where you got yours from) to buy the different types of switches; including, those that are locking types?

Thank you,



Hi John, the colors are there so you can easily see where like switches go.  Other than that no rhyme or reason.  I could put a key for the line color but I figured it was pretty easy to see.

I found the best prices by plugging in the honeywell part number at Searches a lot of major electronics distributors and quickly shows you a comparison of prices.   Very handy.  Powell Electronics, Peerless, and Sager seemed to have the best prices and where I bought all my locking toggles.  For all the other switches I just went with the heavy duty toggles that shipped with my panels  from CockpitSimParts.  They look and work fine for me.


Very nice!  That'll diagram will come in handy.  and I wish I knew about Octoparts years ago, lol.

How do you like the Panels from CockpitSimParts? I've been eyeing them for an overhead build.  I bought a EFIS and AFDS panel kit from them and like 'em.

Glad to hear!

I do like the CockpitSimParts panels.  They're of great quality and very accurate.  You can see from the pic that the panels look quite good.  Sam at CockpitSimParts has been super helpful and very responsive, and his complete kits are a real bargain for what you get with it, IMHO.  Picked up his overhead gauge kit, too, and they look and work great!

Drawback is that they're 5mm instead of 6mm thick like real, so if you plan to mix and match real with these then you need to take that into consideration.  They're also back lit, like most panel kits are.  Makes it a bit of a challenge to light when you have a bunch of wiring behind them as you can see in the pic.  So you just have to be mindful of that when building and keep things neat and organized as much as possible.


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