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Garmin MX-20 Lives!


After a month of coding, the MX-20 lives in my Beech 1900D (X-Plane).

(Thanks to Ryan O and Don L for getting me over some head-scratching hurdles)

The video is a bit boring so probably skip to the last 3 minutes as I land at KBFI.

With the basics now out of the way, it's time to learn how to load flight plans into the unit.

(For those interested, I will be offering the hardware interface for sale. Look for an announcement around mid-spring.)

Sam Llorca:

Trevor Hale:
Awesome Ray,

How will you keep the Nav database in it updated though, without having to pay Garmin a mint?

I have one dated 2011, which contains Seattle's 3rd runway, but will probably try to find a newer one later on. I don't plan on the monthly updates... maybe annually.

You can pick them up off eBay for a steep discount if they are expired. I currently have one with Chartview installed and it's pretty nice to have all the SID/STAR/Airport diagrams, but they are nearly double the cost of others.

I'll keep my eyes out for the newest one I can find.

Marco ERJ:
Hi Ray,

Pretty awesome integration! Love the way your sim is put together. Is the Avidyne Entegra hardware all OEM as well?

Congrats on the build!



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