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Author Topic: SIOC Script needed for Opencockpit USBDCMOTORPLUS Card and Prosim  (Read 359 times)

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Hi Guys,

after nearly 2 months of trying i give up and ask for your help.

I had the OC DCmotorplus card and Prosim737 running 2 years. The script was from Rob K. and worked fine. After upgrade to P3DV4 the Auto throttle did not work anymore. So here is my request:

Anyone who uses the Open Cockpits DC motor card and Prosim and P3Dv4 - can i get your sioc script ?  Some comments inside the script which VARs are defined in Prosim would be highly appreciated.

At the moment i am stuck with my OC hardware and a nonworking autothrottle...

Thanks for any advice.


Offline jfuenmayor

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Re: SIOC Script needed for Opencockpit USBDCMOTORPLUS Card and Prosim
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2018, 09:07:20 AM »
As few questions:

What type of TQ do you have?.
Do you use it with PM, ProSim, SimAvionics or other System software?.
Which version of SIOC do you run?. I found that later versions broke my script and I needed to use an old one that works perfectly well.
Do you use the latest version of FSUIPC that works with P3D V4.
Did you change the location of the USB connections to the cards. If you did, the card(s) may need to be configured again.
To give you an idea, I run a RevSim TQ with three cards, two of them are DC Motor cards and one is sort of a joystick card. I use two separate scripts that are compiled at runtime, one for calibration and the other for the actual code that runs the TQ functions. They are optimized for ProSim. No issues with P3d V4.2


That is for starters.




Will Depart in...

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