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My Cockpit homemade - Brasil


Friends, I come to present my homemade simulator, there is still enough to complete in hardware.

The first image is when I started the assembly of the first PC, the second image is the recent configuration, which I recently put another Hot-swap HD, the ability to eject and place the HD when I want to.

Some pictures also of the table, kkk, when everything fell the first time, almost missed the kkk monitors.

Follow configuration:
AMD Phenom II X4 970 3.9GHz BE Over, - ASUS M4N98TD EVO
Sapphire HD 7970 OC 3GB - Seventeam 850W
Win7 64Bits SP1 Ultimate + Win10 Pro 64Bits - 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 CL9
Boot Triplo - 1 Seagate 1TB - 1WD Blue 1TB + 1 SSHD 2TB e 2 Seagate 2TB
Backup=2 WD1TB, 2 Seagate 2TB,  3 Seagate 1TB, 2HDs 500MB + 3 Hot-Swap
3 Monitores LED 23 LG / Resolução 6048x1080 - + 1 SAMSUNG LCD 15,7
2 Joystick Logitech Force 3D PRO - HT Philips 5.1 770W 3D HTS3564/78
Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System, 2 Throttle Quadrant, Switch Panel, Radio Panel
MCP 737 Virtual Avionics
TrackIR 5

Bob Reed:
Welcome, but I am sorry to inform your family and friends that you have been infected with an incurable disease. There is no hope for you any longer. You are hooked. I can tell by the way your sim has progressed. You can ask for a second opinion but alas, it will be the same diagnoses.  :D Your sim looks great and I look forward to watching its growth. Nice to have you here.

Trevor Hale:
Nice Setup, and welcome to the group

I love to see these setups. They remind me, perhaps all of us, how we began and enjoyed flying for years and years with desktop systems.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you all, Passion for ever, have been 9 years and do not stop investing, principally in Add-ons, I must have spent some 3000USD. In Hardware were almost 8000USD. I have 7 TBs of data off the backup of these 7TBs, totaling almost 10HDs kkkk. It's an endless Hobby, I did a Download of Whole Italy in PhotoReal almost 450GB. I already have 20% of the world in scenarios, still quite missing, let's go, Hugs


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