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Author Topic: P3D 4.2 SDK / SimConnect managed DLL  (Read 111 times)

Offline Neil Hewitt

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P3D 4.2 SDK / SimConnect managed DLL
« on: June 29, 2018, 07:58:58 AM »
Hi all. Long-time lurker but first time posting...

Does anyone have the P3D 4.2 SDK installer, or just the LockheedMartin.Prepar3d.SimConnect.dll from the 4.2 SDK? I usually download and keep a copy of every SDK version so I can go back when I need to, but for whatever reason I never downloaded the 4.2 SDK and LM removes the download as soon as a new version is released, so when 4.3 was released it went offline.

I'm developing some code now that uses SimConnect so I need the managed client DLL (earlier versions eg ESPv1 or FSX-SP2 won't work for this) but the 4.3 DLL will only connect to P3D 4.3 running instances. While I can run 4.3 on my dev machine (and am) so I can run and test the code, I can't deploy it on my actual simulator machines as they are 4.2 and I won't upgrade them until I'm happy everything is compatible. Literally all I need is the 4.2 managed client DLL, but I can't get it anywhere...

Given that the DLL is redistributable, I don't think it would be a copyright violation to post it here.

If anyone could help out, you'd be doing me a big favour! Thanks. Nice to finally be posting here, either way. I used to hang out at MyCockpit quite a lot but it's starting to look fairly dead - I've had an account here for a long time but never got around to posting.

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