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I have a curious question. I am new to building, and have purchased a new MIP that is developed to run via Sim-Avionics software suite. Is it possible to interface hardware from other manufacturers who have an SIOC software compatible with Sim-A? Is FSUIPC required to make that connection? Just trying to get an idea of how things connect, and what possibilities are at my disposal.



Hi Stephen

The short answer is yes....SIOC based hardware will interface with SimAvionics.  My converted TQ runs a SIOC script with SimA. 

For PnP hardware just check with the manufacturer as to whether there is compatibility.  For example I am using a CPFlight MCP with SimA.  It all runs fine.

Fred K

If you are not "script" oriented or are coding challenged (like me) keep it all in the same family as much as possible.  :P

Bob Reed:
And yes you will need a registered copy of FSUIPC.  :D


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