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Move Project Magenta From FSX to P3D Full cockpit

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Hi All,

Software guy and pilot helping out with full cockpit move as described in subject.  Very new at sim software but fast learner.  Someone else got P3D loaded on new FAST computer (Win 10) and I got 3 projectors aligned.  Other person either "moved" or "installed" PM Systems and MCP on FAST machine.  When I fire up this machine and try to start pmSystem, pmSounds and MCP, the splash screen (pmSystems) appears for about a second as though it is trying to start but then quits.  Confirmed that neither is running via task manager.  I do have FSUIPC and Wide Server and Client now working between "new" server and one of the other PC's (6 in all for this sim.  Very old) as TSR (Terminal Service Richter) is able to see P3D.

Questions: Is there an actual install program for pmSystems, MCP and pmSounds that needs to be run?  Or can I just move files over with current .ini files and have everything work. 

I suspect at least pmSounds does as one of the other PC's (Win 7) has an interface to modify the sounds.  The FAST machine has no such interface.

Other questions to follow probably but hope to start by at least getting these running. Any help would be greatly appreciated...


Just a clarification...

The main PC (Win 7) is having issues and is VERY old.  Hence the reason to get things moved to new machine.  Decided to make the move from FSX to P3D because it seemed fairly straight forward since PM works on both.  Will be leaving all other PC's alone until we get this working.  Other PC's are even older but one thing at a time.

Seems like lots of brain power here which far out strips my limited knowledge.  Hope someone has some insight...

Appreciate it...

You cannot transfer files and ini files like that on a new pc
You have to run
pmsound setup.exe
gssetup.exe....etc each on the appropriate computer
And then only install the corresponding software updates (.zip) on the same appropriate computer.
All explained in PM manual.

If I may piggyback onto what Jack posted.  You will find that the latest updates from WIN 10 will require you to download the latest install files from Project Magenta web site as well. 

Best to do a nice clean install with latest install programs into the new computers.

FYI.  I use the full Project Magenta 737 Suite and Jack is spot on.

Ah Brain Power Arrived....

Jack and James...
So couple things to help me understand: Old Main (Comp 1) Win7 computer is what we are moving to new Win10 machine.  It currently has no issues running FSX, pmSystem,  pmSounds, MCP and all 3 projectors on curved screen.  Win7 is what is failing and messed up along with strange hardware issues.  Safer to replace it and that is what they started before me.  Our Comp 2, runs all PFD displays and EICAS.  Comp 3 & 4 run a CDU each.  Instructor station on Comp 5.  Then Comp 6 runs InterfaceIT, TSR, GS Control and Sismo's Pascal script for both overheads.  My first job was getting a new Comp 6 (now Win7) off failing one (XP).  So that I got going with fresh installs.

So the new PC screams so I plan to run P3D, pmSystems, pmSounds, MCP and the 3 projectors.  I can also move pmSounds to Comp 6 since its not doing much and seems real stable.  But Comp 1 looks solid also.  Assume for now pmSounds staying on Comp 1.

So, I will run pmSound and MCP installer on new Comp 1 which should fix those.  I did not see you list it but is there a pmSystem installer to run also?

Since PFD's and EICAS on Comp 2 look fine in cockpit with current PM setup, do I really have to rerun install for cdusetup on Comp 2?  Will current install not reconnect with new pmSystem once working on Comp 1?  Just don't want to have to fiddle with screen positioning and stuff in displays.

What does gssetup.exe install?

Is there a certain directory or place to find the PM manual?  Is there one out there in the world to read?  If not, I will start to hunt for it on one of the machines.

James, I have not let Win10 update run in 4 months and have updates turned off for now.  Do you think I can stick with the older installers (if I can find them, lol) or should I try to grab the current installers?  In some ways I am afraid of using the old installers but again, trying to limit the changes from old to new.

I guess with me being new at this, I am just trying to leave the other PC's alone if possible and trying to just get PM working on Comp 1 with P3D while still using FSUIPC and WideFS as installed.  My programs on Comp 6 seem to see P3D fine at the moment so my belief is that communications between machines is OK.

Finally, however you suggest to run the installers, once they complete, can I then move over the .ini files and other logic and config files in PM so the our current setup is the same?

I really appreciate the insight and help gentlemen...



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