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Zibo Flaps dataref


I am using sim/flightmodel/controls/flaprqst dataref but i cant read it or write to it.

Does anyone have this problem? I tried using joystick axis for flaps but impossible to calibrate so i need to set flaps through dataref.

Any input is appreciated.

if i use "Show Communications" of my plugin i can see that it is being updated bby the 3D Flap Lever by the Zibo aircraft.
So the 3D Model is master in this case...

hm... cant find any other datarefs to control the flap lever...


Not everyone knows what platform you are using, adding a little more info like that would be helpful to others searching later on trying to resolve a similar problem.

Since this is an X-plane question, I've moved it to our X-plane forum.

The flaps control may not be a dataref but a "Commands" function.

They are exactly like a dataref but different. :-D

There should be a Commands.<something> in either your \Resources or \Resources\Plugins folder.



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