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Author Topic: FOR SALE - Precision Flight Controls Cirrus II and Remote Instrument Console USB  (Read 128 times)

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Selling my gently used PFC Cirrus II and Remote Instrument Console

Comes with Multi Engine Quadrant.

Only has 930 hours on it and I am the original owner.   You can see this in some of my videos and my Mult-Pit build threads.    I am downsizing a little and don't use this much these days.  I did drill a couple small holes in yoke on left side for extra buttons which i had wired to a bodnar card but I removed them for this sale.   The holes are small and I put electrical tape over and they are not really noticable.

It is a great unit and I have had it working on P3D v4.2 and XP11.   I have a special beta plugin from PFC for XP-11 that works.   PFC doesn't officially support XP-11 yet but they were kind enough to give it to me.   For use with P3D or FSX you will need FSUIPC and a special PFC.DLL file available from Pete Dawson's site.    I have used this unit with many Carenado planes in both XP and P3D and also with the default XP planes and it works extremely well.   In some cases it the switch functions may or may not work but that is very aircraft specific.  Most switches work in the aircraft fine.   I most recently was using with the awesome A2A 182 in P3D and all worked with exception of Master switch which I had to toggle from within the VC but all other functions worked perfect.

This is up on Ebay as well with starting bid of $1900 and buy it now of $2500 and free shipping in US.   I will not ship outside of US (sorry folks...)

I would sell to any CB member for $1800 plus actual shipping cost or you can pick up if near Chicago

Thanks for looking,

Send me a PM if interested

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