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(SOLVED) PM Mcp error log saying: failed to access thrust bin

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Hi All,

since I moved from FSX to P3Dv4 and Win 10 recently, I couldn´t perform one single landing with PM autopilot and PMs 737-800 flight model for P3D.
The MCP seems to ignore speed settings of the flightplan especially on descent. Using VNAV on the descent the throttle should go to idle but min I can reach is about 40% and speed is building up. Spoilers are more or less effectless.
Also the N1 bug on the upper EICAS is missing. Regardless what is set in the CDU.
Checked the error log of the MCP and found one line saying: failure to access thrust bin.
Don´t know what that message means as there is a copy of the NetDir thrust.bin in the root dir of the Mcp. It can be read and also be altered.
PM file check confirms erverything ok. All read and write access file sharing and netDir.
Don´t have a clue what´s going wrong here.

BTW I´m happy to see this forum alive dealing with PM stuff as forum is obviously dead.

Hope some of you PM gurus out here may have an explanation or solution for my problems.

Thanks a lot in advance

If you are using wide client, check your error log to see if you are intermittently dropping and reconnecting your network.  This can occur in both wired and wireless setups.

I had this occur to me when I had one computer that was dropping/reconnecting and slowing down my entire network for some reason.

Thank you James
Will give it a try.
What still puzzles me is that The N1bug on the upper Eicas is not diplayed even though it is set to on in the pfd ini

Best regards

Trevor Hale:
Also Pete, we just helpped another group of guys with their PM autopilot issues, Look back a couple posts.  You will see one where we covered in depth issues to look at for VNAV and throttle hunting. as well as Autopilot settings.
Hope we can help.

Hi James and Trevor,

thanks again for your input. Have again and again checked everything back and forth but couldn´t find any hint in any log file why the MCP couldn´t access the thrust.bin file. Also pmcheckfile reported the FSPlans sharing as well as the NetDir sharing (NetDir = \\pc2\NetDir) being ok.
Digging further eventually I found the culprit:
Due to my own stupidity I had created a folder "NetDir" in the root of PC2 (Here is the CDU installed) and shared it as NetDir. I blindly believed in pmfilecheck´s findings and did not realize that this folder was empty and hence the MCP couldn´t access the thrust.bin file as there was none. The CDU writes only in its own folder "NetDir" inside the CDU directory.
If one only shares the main folder (CDU) also the subfolders are shared. So the NetDir residing inside of CDU is shared, but as: NetDir = \\pc2\CDU\Netdir.
The MCP and other PM programs however expect the NetDir on: \\pc2\NetDir.
It is therefor absolutely necessary to follow the sharing procedure described in the projectmagenta doc manual!
After correcting the problem I made a first flight with a perfect autolanding.
Now I´m a happy camper again.

Thanks again and best regards


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