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Hello All!

I just joined the group and am introducing myself as per SOP :)

I am a professional pilot and am nearing retirement age, but going down kicking LOL.

I have been flying since 1975, have an Air Force background (C-141)(early 1980's) and entered an Airline Career in 1984, initially as a Pro Engineer on DC-8s, then in 1987 became a pilot on the B727 and in 1989 transitioned to the B747 Classic.

In 1995 due to many factors (mostly raising children) I resigned from the airline. In 2000 I began working for a major TRTO in DFW as a Simulator Instructor and Examiner. Then in 2008 I returned to full time flying and managing for a start up charter airline in Macau, China. I am still working in Asia and have been flying business jets for the last 10 years (Falcon 2000 and Citation Sovereign)

I have been simming since FS came on a 360K floppy disk :)
I currently am a devoted X-Plane user and the Flight Model Tuner for the Zibo Mod 737-800X.

I just began a cockpit build in ernest. I have put this off for some time, while away from my Texas home the last 10 years. I am doing the 737-800 and starting with the MIP and a Visual Projection system. The plan calls for a 5 stage development.

Like many pilots, whether it is simulation or logging real time, I never tire of flying. Simulation is a great pass time and hobby, even for those who fly for a living.

I look forward to chatting with many of you as the project develops!


Welcome Tim! You will find lots of help here!


Welcome to the group.  Lots of great information here to help you with your build!

if you decide to switch over and build a 747, I have everything thing you will need to build a cockpit. PM for details.

bernard S:
same here   but only real stuff ..


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