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Flight Deck 222 Home Cockpit Console


Flight Deck Fabrications:

Flight Deck 222 is a home cockpit console recently released to the market.  We believe it to be a good fit for enthusiasts seeking a solution in a "kit" format that can be assembled in a day:

Flight Deck 222: An independent, aluminum, 2-screen cockpit console that replicates the look, feel and geometry of a modern glass cockpit.  Integrates with your existing computer, flight controls and outside view display to create a functional glass cockpit flight simulator.

Although the console was designed around X-Plane 11, it can be adapted as easily to Flight Simulator and Prepar3D.  Details of Flight Deck 222 can be found at

For enthusiasts building home cockpits around Laminar Research's G1000 suite, our configuration page may be of assistance:




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