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New guy intro and 727 cockpit for X-Plane project start

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Greetings from Arizona!  My name is Woody and I am new here at Cockpitbuilders!  I was referred to this site by Scott who has an awesome 737 cockpit!  Thanks Scott!

  I am just beginning work on a B727 cockpit build with the aquisition of a 727-200 throttle quadrant and center pedestal.  It is really clean and complete and my plan is to get it interfaced with my computer for use in X-Plane and the FlyJSim 727 V3 first (which is amazing by the way) and then proceed on with the rest of the physical build.  I am using VR right now with the FJS 727 V3, ACE 737 full column yoke and 2 Saitek pro throttle quadrants equipped with FlightSimPM-UK 747-400 throttles (minus number 4, of course) and I have to say it really is the next best thing to having a pit.
I have built an F-16 pit for Falcon BMS a few years back, so I am not completely new to sim building, however a classic airliner cockpit is something else altogether!  I am sure there is new tech available for our hobby that I need to learn about too, so I am excited to find this site and get some insight from all you guys!  Thanks in advance!

A little more about me.  I am currently a Captain flying the A320 for a major U.S. airline.  I flew the 727 from the right seat for 7 seven years, and also was flight engineer on her for a year and a half.  She remains my favorite!  I flew the 737-300/500 from the right seat and left seat also, before I jumped over to the left seat of the Airbus.

Looking forward to this build and getting to know you guys!

Blue skies, smooth rides-


Trevor Hale:
Hi Woody,
Welcome to the group.  Good to have you here, and Awesome for ScottW Referring you.
Glad to have you here and good luck with your build.

Hey Woody! I about jumped out of my seat from reading the title to your thread! I am also building a 727 based on XPlane/FlyJSim. I'll be following your build closely! I'd say we need to get together and chat a bit about building the 727! Beautiful throttle, by the way!


Aviation is really an uncurable disease!

Congrats Guys!

Thanks guys!  Glad to be here!

@skyline223- Hey Will!  Scott W told me you were on here!  Glad to see another 727 fan!  We definitely need to talk sometime about our projects!  I see these cockpit cuts on ebay for $55,000 and up, and that would be cool, but just waaaaaayyyyy too much money!  Your CPT is cool!  I spent alot of time in one of those when I was going through 727 F/E training. :o

Blue skies, smooth rides-



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