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Author Topic: Flying Polar Routes  (Read 106 times)

Offline jackpilot

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Flying Polar Routes
« on: September 18, 2018, 12:07:33 PM »
FS9 used to stall at high latitude
P3D seems to have also some limitations at least for the scenery

I planned a route from Thule (Greenland) to Alykel (Russia) over the pole.
Simbrief provided all data in an Impeccable LIDO format
Imported into the SimA FMS no prob.

All went well up to CYLT (Alert airport Canada) at 82 North. Shortly after the external view kept refreshing the same scenery. (Easy solution:set an overcast ) but the airplane is moving as planned.

SimA continued though to LNAV  VNAV quietly
Approaching 88 North the magenta route was distorted and I had to resort to HDG.

After reaching the tipping point where West  turns East, and North lat decreases the scenery came back normal.

Rest of the flight was uneventful and SimA did a very nice initial NDB approach to  RWY 19 which I conducted manually (two NDBs in line so just keeping both blue pointers on top of each other.

Landed and parked in the grass in Russia.

Worth trying, much more challenging than Montreal Boston  :D
Comments about how the airlines do the LNAV would be welcome.
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