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Hello Project Magenta users, I have a few questions for you. First I am building a 757 real flightdeck using OEM parts. I am currently using P3dv3.4 with Level D 767. I am using opencockpits for my boards and it all seems to work great. However I am stuck in the 32 bit world and at the mercy of Leveld developers if they don't come out within the next 10 years of a 757 in 64 bit P3dv4. I was thinking of migrating to X plane with the Flightfactor 757. My first question is would PM work with Xplane 11 and that model aircraft? If so what would it take to get everything talking with each other?


I have a 737 cockpit running x plane 11 and all project magenta, all running perfectly.

Hi Kevin, thats good news. Did you have to disable the systems from the original 737 software for PM to work?


Kevin are you using a default 737 or a payware study level 737?

Bob Reed:
Kevin, I too would like to know what aircraft you are using. I tried to use PM in XPlane 10 but had issues with the PM arguing with the built in AP... What is your work around?


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