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Hello and advice about my 737 sim

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Hello Cockpitbuilders !

I hope you are well.

I have just bought a used 737 simulator. The follwing software is out of date:
instructor station by PM i believe
mfd and nd by PM
upper and lower eicas by thomas richter?
cdu i dont know who it is by
pm sounds

I would like to ask for your recommendations for the most economical software to cover all these areas. 

Thanks for your guidance.

bernard S:
my fitst qurstion   is it operational ?   if so leave sleeping dogs to  sleep i.e  if it goes up down left right faster slower and you can look out window    why change anything ?

Hi Nic,

Bernard is right, if it works why change? Besides, Project Magenta software works fine and you have about $2,000+ US worth of software loaded there... Just update it all with current versions of PM.

Turn all computers on, then run the PM file checker program, it'll tell you everything you have along with the version numbers.

However, if you're absolute on changing, go with ProSim737.


Thanks Bsd and Bernard,
The Project Magenta CPT/FO PFD and ND go black after some time and have swirling logos on them, so i think they are expired? The "thomas richer" SW EICAS upper and lower has not valid licence that i am sure. but i dont think it exists anymore to update? what is a replacement.
To answer your question, it is not operational, Thank for your guidance on pm file checker sw.
Thank you

Could I ask if there is a better software to connect to vatsim than squarkbox?
It has been 10 years since I last connected...I am sure things progressed.... :0)
Thanks for your help.


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