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Revolution Simproducts out of business?


RSP is out of business and so is CAT II Home sim devices. Is there anywhere one can get support? I need the calibration software and I guess that has the USB drivers for my 1.7 TQ
Ans on another note - I need a new motor card, mine is fried... let's not get polarized on how I did that...  :o

I'm sort of in the same boat.  I have a 1.5 which is all SIOC and I'm having issues with motorized speedbrake.

I contacted Oral to see if I could pay him to remote in and help and never heard back.

I plan to contact Torsten Müller ( over at CockpitForYou ( and see if I can get him to sell me the guts of his V4 version and upgrade mine then use his software

You might also find some of what you need here:

Wayback machine can be your friend


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