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A trick to get SPST toggles interfaced to XPlane 11 Easily...



Found an easy way to hook up simple on off toggles to x plane 11. Many have pulled their hair out over this, and my trick requires no special scripts or anything like that. All you need is SV Mapper and it assigns button pushes to keys. So all you do is press your button and then assign what keyboard key you want to be assigned. Then you can go in xplane and assign functions to keys. As long as you have SV Mapper running in background your good to go. SV Mapper is free to download too, you can google it and I’m certain there’s a few sites hosting the very small file. This software was primarily designed for racing sims but it works well on xplane11 too. Takes a little tweaking and playing around but it works and gets your simple switches hooked up....hope this helps any xp11 users!


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