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A friendly FYI on Boeing rudder pedals

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I am installing OEM hardware where I feel it's necessary for my 737-700 sim.  I've been fortunate to get the yokes, columns, and TQ.  I also purchased an entire rudder linkage set as well, wanting the holy grail of linked brakes and pedals, and hardware substantial enough to do control loading on.

Which brings me to my point.

I had many people tell me that "the rudder pedals from the seven-zero thru the seven-four are the same". 

So when I made a purchasing decision on the rudder pedals and linkages from the seven-four, I wasn't too worried.   I knew ahead of time that there were physical differences in the leg adjusters, that the links for the seven three went aft while the seven four went fwd.  Minor differences that could be resolved.

However, when they arrived, they looked BIG.  And they are.  A size 15 shoe with snow boots could fit in the seven four pedals.

And, they are NOT the same pedals as the seven-three.

While all of the linkages for the brakes, adjusters, etc. should work, the seven three is approx 18" or so wide.  The seven four's system is 20" wide.  This is too wide for the seven three footwell box.

So please keep this in mind.



I happen to have four 737 rudder pedals.  Just the pedals - if you are interested.

Thank you.

However, I need the vertical tubes as well like attached.  I found these this morning and now need one more set.  The rest of the seven four setup should work fine.




The Pedals themselves are the same on all 70/72/73 and 74 models.

Ive had 747 pedals and linkage in one of my first cockpit builds.

Boeing changed the linkage on the NG. They stopped using the round linkage and started using rectangular linkage. By using the rectangular linkage they got the pedals closer together and created enough room for the wider CDU bay to fit.

Ive had the linkage of my 737-classic rudder system machined in order to fit the replica NG CDU bay.

The same person also shortened the pins that hold the pedals to the linkage.

I think he removed about 10mm from each.
Pics included


I considered this bit would have had to machine 2" out and there's not enough there to machine away.  Thanks!


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