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Ok.. Now I am getting ticked

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Bob Reed:
Ok... I have scrambled my views in FS9. Don't know how I did but it is done. I have even gone so far as to un install and re install... Guess what the problem is still there.  I am using windows 7 and it is obviously storing files someplace I am not aware of. Can some one point me to these hidden files? There is a file that I trashed that is not getting deleted....  HELP......

What exactly do you mean by "scramble" Bob?  Are you starting with the default flight and going from there or loading a saved flight?  Saved flight files won't be deleted when uninstalling FS and if loaded will bring back all the screen parameters again.  There could also be some issue with your graphics settings in the fsx.cfg file.  Try renaming this file to fsx.cfg.OLD then restart FS, it will build a new file from scratch.  Of course all you joystick and button settings will be removed but at least you may be able to determine the culprit and begin from there.  Also are you running in Windowed or Fullscreen mode.  Try changing from one to the other to see what happens.


If you are running Window 7 Bob I would definitely turn off UAC (User Access Control) and make sure to install fs9 into its own folder.   You will also find files in your My Documents folder.  You may want to trash those before reinstalling as well.

For Windows7 prep the best tips come from Nick Needham including the one about UAC and how to disable it.   In fact, anyone contemplatiing Windows 7 usage should follow this guide for best results.

If none of this works Bob I could probably help you out by using some desktop sharing to take a look at your files.


Bob Reed:
Ok.... NEVER assume!!! Here is what led up to my problem. I am giving you this in case someone else runs into it. I installed FS9 on a drive by itself. Ran fine. Started installing all my addons. All worked well. Nvidia 8600 cards running in SLI. Finally found the AC I wanted to use .. Needed more screen realastate to do the interfacing I wanted to do. Took the computer out of SLI mode and added a 3rd monitor.Keep in mind I had been running this in winsowed mode for multiple views.  Back to work on FS. After a little while I noticed the screens where not right.... Restarted FS and back to work.. Again noticed the screens where not doing things just right.. Started exploring what was going on. Hmm view's are whacked.. Ok deleted the cfg file... Hmm still broke..... Deleted a few more files I found hidden here and there.. Still broke... Ok uninstalled reinstalled.... Still broke.....Uninstalled, deleted anything to do with FS including in the reg..... Reboot reinstall in a different directory differant drive.... Still broke..... Went to bed... This afternoon came down to see if I could fix it... Uninstasll reinstall....again.... Still broke....Hmmmmmm Went to full screen mode in FS.... WHAT????!!!!!! Not broke........ Exited out, turned SLI back on switched to windowed mode.... Works.... Reinstalled the latest driver from Nvidia.. Same behavior.... Went to my pile of USB to VGA adapters installed on added my 3rd monitor and all is well... No idea why windowed mode, not in SLI will not work multi monitored...... But all is fixed.. Now to reinstall all my stuff... Good thing I took detailed notes.....  :huh: >:( :'( :idiot:

Wow Bob what an ordeal!  Glad you've found some resolution however. Sounds like an issue with the video cards or driver.  Did you remove the old video driver with a proper removing tool? If you don't it can leave all sorts of residue .dll files that can really stuff up your system.  There's one for nVidia drivers.  Remove with this, reboot and install the new one.  Can I ask why you've setup SLI?  Unless you have another game that uses it FS won't make any use of it.  Obviously its serving you at the moment because it fixing your problem, in a fashion.

Keep up the good work,



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