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July 03, 2022, 04:26:31 PM

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XPUIPC: Setting a Dataref based on an Offset value....

Started by RayS, March 29, 2022, 04:21:21 PM

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X-Plane-11 (Computer #1)

FDS Overhead (Computer #2)

Using XPUIPC to trigger commands on X-Plane

However, there are several switches that get lost in translation and can become out of sync with the sim.

Using Datarefs instead of Commands would solve the issue but we can't figure out how to set a dataref by using an offset...

Here's the XPUIPC config entry:

Dataref winheatLside sim/cockpit2/ice/ice_window_heat_on
Offset 0x6606 UINT8 1 rw $winheatLside >winheatLside

In plain english, this command "Should" set the dataref using the value of offset 0x6606.

So, if 0x6606 = 1, then dataref sim/cockpit2/ice/ice_window_heat_on should also = 1.

However, it just isn't working...

Hoping someone here can help!

Ray Sotkiewicz


Hi Ray,

Can you add more specifics around what you are trying to do?  For example, are you trying to run Zibo 737 in XP with an FDS interface card running the overhead along with another interface (ie. - teensy or arduino)?   Not understanding exactly what the system is.   If the former, I would point out that there is a free plugin call FDStoXP that allows using FDS Tekworx boards and the interfacit api to accomplish this easily.  I have tested and works like a charm.


From computer #2 trying to send commands to datarefs via XPUIPC to Computer #1 being the XPlane11 Zibo Mod.

When you are using FDStoXP plugin are you using XPUIPC to translate to usable commands?  I am curious to how you set your commands from FDS board to XPlane11.
Ray Sotkiewicz


you dont need XPUIPC with FDStoXP plug in.   It contains some special lua scripts which contain all the ZIBO datarefs and commands and is pre-coded.   you just have to modify the scripts with he input or output number for a given predefined function depending on how your sysboards are wired to switches and AN1s.  Even works for the FDS Electrical and Press panels.   Pretty slick.



That is very interesting.  I will look more deeply into this. I am just not sure as to how to differentiate the number between all my cards so that I program the correct switches and annunciators.

Is there a link on instructions as to how use the overhead script?

Thanks for the lead on this.
Ray Sotkiewicz


There is a way in the plugin to put in a number and see what lights up.  Not as convenient as the search functions in Prosim and Sim-A but helps get the job done.

I think when you open the scripts you will get the hang of them quickly but I will pm my phone number if you want to give me a call and I can help.

The thing to note is on the overhead scripts there are 2 versions.   What I gather is that later FDS overhead builds are put together with FDS prebuilt wire harnesses and the scripts are attempting to map to those harnesses probably based on a couple users who helped in developing FDStoXP.  I just changed the numbering in one of them to match my wiring.   I]again, pretty easy once you see it.  The beauty is that all the datarefs and commands are already coded in there for zibo.

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