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Nose REAL Heavy on takeoff

Started by ScottThePilot, June 18, 2020, 11:25:56 AM

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Hi all,
Made the simulator move and all is working again. Except I still have a problem with the nose being real heavy like there is 20,000lbs in the radome!  Anyone else had that issue with PM?

With the CG calculated (I think wrongly) at 44%, it wants about 3.3 units of trim. With CG at 31.5% it still wants about 3.2 units.

What I have to do is actually set the trim to almost double what it calculated.  Usually around 6.4 units or just inside the green band so I don't get the takeoff warning horn.  Even with that setting, I have to pull yoke all the way to stomach to get off ground.  For smooth landing (small pressure) the trim ends up at almost 8 units nose up when I look after rollout which seems high.

Have calibrated the yokes in FSUIPC just fine and can watch flight controls on EICAS and the elevator flow normally.

Tried a generic TDS 737 free download and it comes off the ground just fine using just main PC running P3Dv4 and nothing else (no PM).  Seems like a flight model or some issue with PM since other P3D aircraft come off the ground and fly fine.

Attaching a couple screen caps...

Any thoughts would be wonderful...
Pilot for 40+ years --- Software Coder for 40+ years -- Simmer For A Day!
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Trevor Hale

What Flight Model are you using?
Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA



Also - I do not recognize the IOS page you are using. Have you verified that the numbers on your IOS match the numbers within P3D's fuel and baggage load page?
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Hi guys...

Current aircraft.cfg file header...

//   PROJECT MAGENTA reference plane           
//               B737-800                   
//                 vers. 1.10             

Although I just went and downloaded the most current flight model I could see on PM site and it is... (modified for P3D)

//   PROJECT MAGENTA reference plane           
//               B737-800                   
//                 vers. 1.04             
//   Modified for P3D_V4                                        

Then using the PMX737-800.air file that was in appropriate directory with aircraft.cfg file.

In the "model" directory, it has B737_800.mdl file.  However after reading the P3D SDK documentation, correct me if I am wrong, the .mdl is strictly describes the visual model for the aircraft.  The .air file is the compiled assembler code for flight characteristics for simulating the behavior of the aircraft.

I am using the standard PM Instructor station software and yes the fuel and baggage load matches what we set up in P3D.  We specifically went in there to skew the weight aft a couple times to see if that would help. It doesn't.

Attached the IOS screen with versions listed.

Wasn't sure if I could attach the .cfg file for you to compare to.  Let me know if that would help...

Pilot for 40+ years --- Software Coder for 40+ years -- Simmer For A Day!
Hummm.  Which do I love more...

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