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Will Depart in...



727 builder

Started by AVIATor-Olav, May 10, 2012, 08:56:31 AM

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May 10, 2012, 08:56:31 AM Last Edit: May 10, 2012, 08:57:53 AM by AVIATor-Olav
Hi everybody.

I registered in this forum a while ago, but here's my first post. After a few years of research and thinking, I finally took the plunge and started building my 727 cockpit in January this year. Some of you may have seen what I'm up to in here

Here's a picture of my newly refurbished and interfaced TQ

My home made MIP. Lots of detailing to do yet.

Here's my pit prior to deconstruction. I'ts in boxes at the moment due to a pending refurbishment project on the house. When that's done I'll start constructing a base and shell for it as well as a proper projection screen.

So long!


May 10, 2012, 10:27:58 AM #1 Last Edit: May 10, 2012, 10:29:01 AM by blueskydriver
Your project looks great! What flight model are you using? Is it Captain Sim B727 or other? Also, who did your gauges, wouldn't mind getting copies of those from you.

Looking forward to seeing your project get started again. Please keep posting about it once you do...

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The flight model is the Dream fleet 727. I'm running fs9.  The gauges are a mix of DF727, Richard Probst and Aerosim 727 guages displayed on a custom panel made in fs panel studio. Will post once there's progress to report.



Got the radios up and running the other night, as well powering up the TQ light plates.

Still need to back light the radio panels. Progress is slow at the moment due to the house projects.


Hi again. I haven't been very active in this forum, so here's an overdue update on my project.
Over the summer I've been busy refurbishing the second floor of my house. The sim naturally had to be put aside for the duration, but it's finally coming back together in it's new dedicated sim room.

I finally sourced some fire handles!

My custom made annunciators are in place. These are clear plexi glass which I have painted black around the edges. Annunciators displayed on the LCD screens will light through the plexi glass and will hopefully resemble the real deal.

The sim room is coming together as well! :)

It's been a long day, I'll kick back with a glass of wine now! Cheers!

ivar hestnes


Thanks Ivar! :)
I've been working on the steering mechanism lately. After a few tweaks it works about right. I haven't done any interfacing yet though.
Probably not the most elaborate piece of engineering, but it's simple and it works. No spring return on the ailerons yet, but the gas struts centers the elevator nicely.

Boeing Skunk Works

Outstanding work there. Your instrument panel looks really good, sleek and uncluttered.
Why yes...I am a rocket scientist...

Boeing, Collins, Gables, Sperry, PPG, Korry, Pacific Scientific, Honeywell


Thanks a lot Michael! Good to hear from you. Your posts and pictures on various forums have been more than helpful to me throughout my build. How's your project doing?

I'm going to start building my side walls soon, and I must admit I've had a good look at the pictures from your build! :)



The window frames are taking shape. Lots of measurements, angles and sawdust to make that happen!!


The curved wall is up. By far the most difficult part of the build thus far! 3 layers of paint, and I'm still not happy with the finish!


The over head panel is back up! :)


TQ in place

an old 17" screen for INS, WX radar, etc.


Been working on the side walls lately. It's going to take some filler and sanding before they're ready for paint!


October 12, 2012, 03:28:24 PM #14 Last Edit: October 12, 2012, 03:30:31 PM by Aeroprado
More of this beauty getting your cockpit, you're building real well same
One set of levers TQ and avionics, are even real. I really miss, this aircraft flew many horars them.

hug and good luck.


Thanks Aeroprado! :)

I finished the interfacing of my Yoke mechanism this evening. Calibrated it and did my first flight since the rebuild. Both Yokes and TQ works really well. Still a bit of tweaking needs to be done to the flap lever calibration, but everything else works perfectly! I have to get on with the side walls and ceiling now. Pictures to come soon.


Heres a new update.
Been busy interfacing and assingning axes and buttons so I haven't really been building much lately. At least it's flyable now! :)

In this pic you can see the eyebrow window structure I struggled with last week! What a nightmare to make!

The annunciators light up nicely through the plexi pieces I had made

Got my oxy panels and my landing gear mechanism today.

Can't believe how big this thing is!


Been busy setting everything up and making it work lately. Big mistake, I don't get any building done now! :P

The warping is very temporary. Need to do it more accurate

Only one projector for the visuals yet. Will probably stay that way for while too.

My Ruscool radios work like a charm.

Got the angeled panel with rotaries and switches hooked up the other day


Haven't updated this thread in ages. Quite a lot has happened since the last update on here.

Got hold of a few map lights and had them mounted

I finally got my pneumatic brake handle mounted to the MIP as well


Hi everybody. Another update of my 727 pit.

I finally got my hand on some plastic wings for under the glare shield! :)

Got one of these to!

Mounted, but not hooked up to the outputs card yet.

Here's a video I uploaded a little while ago while testing various outputs of my newly aquired outputs card.

727-200 Home cockpit. JFK Take-off, engine failure & landing


Boeing Skunk Works

Looks great!

What output card are you using and what voltages are you using for indicators?
Why yes...I am a rocket scientist...

Boeing, Collins, Gables, Sperry, PPG, Korry, Pacific Scientific, Honeywell


I'm using an outputs card from Ruscool electronics. I use 24 V for all outputs.

Boeing Skunk Works

Does that mean that you can use a 24vdc power supply with the Ruscool cards?

That would be a first and I will definitely be giving these output cards a look if that is so.
Why yes...I am a rocket scientist...

Boeing, Collins, Gables, Sperry, PPG, Korry, Pacific Scientific, Honeywell


Yes, it handles 24V no problem. So does the OC card I think? Anyway, the Ruscool config software is very easy to work with, and they are very good at customising things to suit individual customers needs. Infact, they're updating the software as se speak to better fit the 727. They're a lot better at programing than I am, so that suits me fine! :) They custom made my radios as well. They offer them as 727 radios on their site now.


Hi all. No big things have happened to the sim lately, but I've spent many hours hooking up and configuring outputs lately. I've spent a lot of time flying the thing lately as well! Last night I made a bass shaker out of an old 15" speaker. I mounted it under the floor below the capt seat.
Gives some decent vibrations as I roar down the runway!

Oh, and these are in the mail!

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