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Title: "Reach for the Stars"
Post by: sagrada737 on June 18, 2021, 07:56:06 AM
Hello Everyone,

Per Jack's request to post other Astro Photos in the General Discussion section, I will gladly comply with that request, and post one of my astrophotographs here from time-to-time.

I titled this post "Reach for the Stars".   Indeed, that is what we are doing every time we work on our full-scale Sim Projects.  It was Scott that introduced me to his 737-800 Sim about 5 years ago.   I soon met others via this Forum that expanded my interest in building my own full-scale 737 Sim.

It's amazing how "time flies" when we are working on these big Sim projects.  Well...   Five years later, I have my own 737 Sim with its 6dof Motion Platform, now "drilling holes in the sky".  This would not be the case if it were not for FlightDeckSolutions and the ongoing encouragement from a great bunch of guys found on this Forum.

When I first started my Sim Project, the complexity was a bit overwhelming to say the least -- which is the manner and course of all BIG Projects.   Well...  As the saying goes, "The only way to eat an elephant is one byte at a time."  It's no different building a full-scale Sim.

Speaking of complexity...   Here is a photo that I imaged a couple of days ago from our Sagrada Observatory at our home here in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  It is the Deep Sky object called M13 "The Great Star Cluster in Hercules" located in our own Milky Way galaxy.  This star cluster is some 22 thousand light years distant from our Earth, and is composed of several hundred thousand stars.  Count them if you can... :)

Whenever you need inspiration working on your complex Sim Project, just take a look at the wonder found in these kind of deep space objects -- right around the corner, only a few thousand light years away... ;D

Below is the image of M13....  This one's for you Jack.

Clear Skies,
Title: Re: "Reach for the Stars"
Post by: RayS on June 18, 2021, 08:32:01 PM
These images are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I've always wanted to get into astrophotography but, I have the sim, regular photography, golf and a few other fairly expensive hobbies, so getting into AP is a bit of a stretch right now.

But please keep sharing! I imagine you are probably a charter member of a few AP related sites. If you are so inclined could you post a few links so we can live vicariously through you?

Maybe someday I'll be able to afford an entry-level
Schmidt-Cassegrain... (Don't tell my wife!)

Title: Re: "Reach for the Stars"
Post by: jackpilot on June 19, 2021, 05:00:10 AM
Thank you Mike.
So, this cluster view is 22000 years old !!  right?
One rookie question:
This is obviously a photo, how does it compare with what you see with your eyes in the telescope.
Title: Re: "Reach for the Stars"
Post by: sagrada737 on June 21, 2021, 09:21:16 AM
Hello Jack,

Thanks for your questions about the M13 Star Clusterastro-photograph.   Yes...  At the time the image was taken, the photons took about 22,000 light years to reach our earth.
Regarding how the object looks through a telescope through an eyepiece with the naked eye...  Many of the deep sky objects are so faint, it is nearly impossible to visually see them with the naked eye through a telescope.   However, many of the brighter objects, like the image pf M13, can indeed be visually seen through a telescope.  In fact, looking at M13 through an eyepiece is an awesome experience, as the star cluster seems to come alive.

On the Sim side of things...  I am still admiring the Galley treatment you made on your Sim project.   What materials did you use to construct it?

Best Regards,
Title: Re: "Reach for the Stars"
Post by: jackpilot on June 22, 2021, 05:47:28 AM
Hi Mike.
I know that you have to wake up early to get it but when you have a chance what about a Venus pic. :P

Galley is basically a cage of aluminum L bars and a mix of Arborite sheets (laminate) and Masonite sheets for curved parts. Lots of aluminum trim.
Avoid plywood, the laminates are easy to roll-paint without any primer.
Title: Re: "Reach for the Stars"
Post by: kattz on July 05, 2021, 08:17:15 AM
Looks great, Mike!

Still waiting on my roof panels that I ordered last year from Exploradome to build our observatory. Pier and concrete pilings are installed. 

Our neighbors asked if we were building Stonehenge...