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Will Depart in...



Post Your Pit!!!! 1000 Member Show and Tell

Started by dharrison, August 30, 2011, 11:35:21 AM

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June 30, 2012, 05:55:22 PM #75 Last Edit: June 30, 2012, 05:56:06 PM by N737AG
Sam, is FPL cooperating ? I sure hope so.


Sam Llorca

FPL cooperating? Are you kidding me? If you ever want to buy a motion platform make sure the motors are 240v or you gonna be very frustrated , or pay a lot more you anticipated on the first place, 3- phase power is a no no. I ordered a generator from Miami, $18k  :(



That is a lot of horseshit Sam. Sorry to hear that. Wish I could help somehow.

Would replacing the motors be less expensive, also in the operation of the sim ?

FPL = Florida Power & Light Company.



Hi Guys,
Lots of nice looking projects here!
Posting links for the 727 project in progress. Slow going but is now up and flyable.
Simulation Platform : The Former N503FE (FedEx 727 shell)
Aircraft Type: Boeing 727
Software Used: FS9- Vistaliners B727-200 Adv
Hardware Used: 1 PC, 2 video cards (4 outputs), 1 projector , 3 displays, 2 BU0836X's, Saitek Radio/Xpndr Module



Trevor Hale

Awesome project Steve. Thanks for being here.

Trevor Hale


Director of Operations
Worldflight Team USA


Sam Llorca

July 13, 2012, 03:38:42 AM #81 Last Edit: July 13, 2012, 03:45:24 AM by Sam Llorca
Quote from: N737AG on July 01, 2012, 02:34:13 PM
That is a lot of horseshit Sam. Sorry to hear that. Wish I could help somehow.

Would replacing the motors be less expensive, also in the operation of the sim ?

FPL = Florida Power & Light Company.


I know Axel, here is what I think yhe solution will be, now I need a brave electrician!!!


Joe Maldonado


Quote from: PROJECT 727 on January 22, 2013, 05:39:04 AM
Sharing with YOU Our PROJECT 727 Pit:


Joe!!! I can proudly say I've flown that sim a couple of times and been able to spend quality sim time with my good friend, Joe Maldonado.

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February 14, 2013, 08:59:09 PM #84 Last Edit: February 14, 2013, 09:09:47 PM by dc8flightdeck
Ill start with my F-4 Phantom sim, the shell is a 1967 Link trainer that I attached a real F-4 canopy to and opens with air. I just added a three projector visual system for a 45 degree view. (no good pics of the new visuals yet)

I have a couple of g suits that plugs into the pneumatic system and is triggered by the computer and makes for a very interactive experience when pulling g. Im nearly finished integrating a real IFF panel to use as a Transponder for flight with pilot edge.

I use FS9 and the main PC runs the visuals with Eyefinity via three windows opened in flightsim. Eyefinity allows the multiple windows/projectors to run on one PC in fullscreen mode. Two client computers run various systems, such as FSMAP for the radar screen and instructor station software. I started its restoration in 2007.

My DC-8-31 is mainly in storage, parked 400+ miles from where I live. It was gutted and Ive slowly collected parts for it. last summer I finally got a radome. This plane was part of the original 1955 Pan Am order that launched DC-8 production. It was the 1st DC-8 to fly to South America. For a while I had it partially interfaced to FS9 and thats where I learned how to use FSUIPC for 4 engine pot control and how to add a tiller to FS9. We had a Christmas party in it in 2006 with 13 people inside and that was a blast. Everyone took turns flying. I cannot wait to get it interfaced again! i am currently building a trailer for it to permamently mount to so that it can be moved from its current storage location. On a drop axle trailer it is nearly 15 feet tall.


Wow, that is very cool and some very unique projects Justin.  I worked on some F-4s during training in the Navy way back in '88 on the Martin Baker ejection seats and looks like you have one sitting there.   Awesome.   Would love to travel to Kansas to see your sims first hand someday when you get your DC - 8 going!

welcome to CB!



Thank you Scott. I would like that as well. I hoped to bring it to Wichita in May for static display at Cockpit-Fest but can see I wont be able to make it happen this year.

Instead Im helping my brother interface some functionality to his AH-1 Cobra simulator via FS9 so that the pilot's seat will be flyable at Cockpit-Fest. This sim is tall at 9 feet. This was a trainer shell grafted to a real Cobra cockpit. We are slowly collecting parts so we can remove part of the sim shell and place the cockpit back on Cobra landing skids. The mounts are also still in place to attach the wings.

The MK7 seat is one I have put together from parts over the years. My buddy built the stand for it. The bottom of the seat come from an F-4D that was placed on the range at Holloman AFB as a ground target. My sim has its original MK5 simulator seat. The Phantoms produced in the 60's had the -5 seats and were upgraded with zero zero ejection Mk7 in the 70's. Those seats are still in service today with multiple Air forces around the globe.


I finally got my hands on a DC-8 overhead panel and some moldings that I was missing.  :)



I bet those don't come around everyday......nice!
Sim 1:  F16, running Falcon 4 BMS - In Build using a mix of real and repro parts + Pokeys cards
Sim 2:  Light Twin / Single with RusCool EFD1000, RSG GTN750 and FI guages


My latest sim update...

1 more Avidyne bezel to go. All the sim needs really is a functioning autopilot, a transponder radio and that's pretty much it, save for the window framing and a few side panels.

Ray Sotkiewicz



August 03, 2013, 04:10:25 PM #91 Last Edit: August 04, 2013, 07:55:47 AM by dc8flightdeck
A recent pic of the 737-200 sim with most of the lights on. Hard to belive this started as a gutted cockpit. Ill include pics of when the project started. None of these are simulated panels, most are from a United 737.

The white floods run on 400hz AC through the original dimmer switches. It is using two 5v transformers for the Edge Lighting. There are two 28v DC power supplies for the inverter, and three 12 v power supplies for various systems. 3v DC powers some of instrument flags.


The state of the project as of yesterday..

If you want to have a look at my project, you can check it out here:



If it ain't Boeing, I guess I'm still going..



Been following you on YouTube, man you are a perfectionist : ). You also have me in stitches at times with some great humour.

If anyone hasn't visited the site or YouTube, I suggest you do.   There's some great building tips to be had and certainly highlights the highs and lows of our obsession!!

Good luck with the build Kjetil and keep the videos coming.


Here is my BAe146 simulator.

My main goal here was never  to have this look like an aircraft from the outside, but a simulator from the inside.

I am not using any payware platform because there just isn't one that can interface nicely like PM etc. (Everyone wants to build a B737). So basically I am using a BAe download add-on for my basic Aircraft platform and then using my 'self designed' "Lamp Module interface" to operate some of the systems in concert with FS9.

The center panel is 100 percent operational using Open Cockpits USB servo motor cards to operate the modified engine gauges, flaps etc. The Master warning system was re-lamped with LED's and will eventually be fully operational.

At present I am using Leo Bodnars 836X board to interface (thru FSUIPC) the thrust levers, landing gear, flaps, roll and pitch control etc etc. and any other switches I can connect up and run directly to Fs9

Note that most, if not all the parts are original 146 specific, therefore the control column(s) had to be modified as well with pots etc for operation. All items on the control column work (pitch/roll,AP disconnect, and electric trim).

The rudder pedals are not original equip but rather from Flight Deck Solutions.

My 'Lamp Module interface' was designed out of necessity as I wanted all the lights and bells to work, but also wanted specific items in Fs9 to respond as well...an example of how the system works would be the landing gear selector switch.

The landing gear switch sends an up and down input to fs9 thru the 836X board to operate the landing gear...it also sends an output to a separate IO board that contains a programmable microprocessor chipset. This IO board will then operate all the required lamps on the landing gear selector panel ... in harmony with Fs9.

It should be noted that fs9 has no control over these lights, however the operator will never know the difference.

Another simple example would be the 'Park Brk On' mws caption. When the parking brake lever is selected to 'park'...Leo's 836X board receives the input to place the parking brake 'on' in fs9, while another io board turns on the mws lamp.

I have a direct switch set located inside each N2 gauge that will illuimate/extinguish the respective 'engine lo oil pressure' light on the master warning system. These lights are slightly altered from engine to engine, but the rough parameters are to have the engine oil pressure lights extinguish and illuminate at 38% n2.

After a long debate, I have decided to go with 24 inch LED screens for my outside visuals using WideView. My initial direction was projectors, but the cost/heat was too prohibitive for me. Eventually I will have 7 screens running off 7 computers.

As you can see my visual system forward view is not centered on the aircraft centerline...that is to say it is not lined up with the center aircraft window post.....and nor should it.

I have noticed that a lot of builders do this, and in the real aircraft that is not what the view looks like...in fact when flying with the forward view directly in the center, it feels uncomfortable...especially on takeoff and landing

I have found that...while sitting in the Captains seat, you should see just about the the entire runway in your field of view...that is to say you should see most of the numbers and the centerline should be directly in-line (in my case) with Nav 1. The far most screen on the left and right should be the same distance from each side of your head.

There are a lot of nice simpits on this forum...hopefully you will let me pick your brain(s) in an effort to finish mine!


757-200, P3D, LD767,Arduino, panels by some british moron, pile of dead airplane parts and a hammer!

Yeah i got one of these facebook things too http://www.facebook.com/Simvionics


Excellent and unusual design, James! I was always following your progress on mycockpit.org, glad to see you on this forum too.



James...that looks awesome.   much respect!

I love seeing something other than a 737 and yours looks loke a fantastic project!   

Keep the pics coming and I would love to see a video showing all those engine guages off!



you guys are awesome!

were do you get your fuselage's from ?
would love something that resembles a Cessna GC 208
My favorite plane of all time is the Cessna Grand Caravan 208b!


i am looking to your cockpits and i am about to be jealous, here in Czech Republic can't get real cabin from Jet plane :)
So we help ourself with what we can. Personally i built cockpit from corrugated cardboard. It is not Pro cockpit, but it's start.
Shape is inspired by F-22 Raptor, Textures are from Su-7,Su-25 and some other rusty planes from local museum.
Trying to fly DCS World.
Joystick-throttle Thrustmaster Warthog, pedals Saitek Pro Flight Combat
32 gb ram, i7 Graphic Card Zotac gforce Titan Black
Oculus Rift Dk.2
before Oculus it was  TrackIr with Benq short throw projector.

Here is built render http://youtu.be/I-kasUg17j0

photo from building first prototype, joystick on right side

And Photo of second prototype with textures and joystick in middle console

Now working on third version

So thats my project,

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