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May 09, 2021, 05:49:59 PM

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LED annunciators with LINDA and Arduino

Started by OJ149, February 06, 2021, 12:46:09 PM

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Hi I'm new here and wondering if I could have some help.

I'm trying to build an overhead panel with LED annunciators. So far I've managed to get some switches connected to an Arduino acting as a joystick, and using LINDA have them act as switches inside the aircraft. The next step for me would be to try and get some LEDs to act as the annunciator lights in the aircraft.

Using LINDA I've managed to find the Lua Variables for the lights I want, but I'm not sure how to have LINDA communicate with the Arduino to output the Lua Variable to the LED.

Any ideas guys?

Many Thanks


I'd like to help, however I have never heard of LINDA and neither has Google it would seem.

I got a couple of hits, but nothing useful.

It's possible you are thinking of using a project that is so old nobody remembers it, or so obscure nobody is using it. If there is a thriving LINDA community then they are well hidden.

Can you provide a link to the instructions you have followed so far? It's good that you have it working to get data in to the simulator. It might only be a small step to get data out, or it might not be possible at all.


Thanks for the link. I wouldn't call the LINDA community "vibrant" but it does look like it's not quite dead. Obviously the OP should really be asking for help there.

I couldn't find any examples of using LINDA for output. It seems to be a Lua scripting layer on top of FSUIPC. LINDA is not open source, so the number of core developers is small. FSUIPC is also not open source, and you have to buy it to use LINDA.

Going up one level, I couldn't find an obvious way to get FSUIPC to do it either.

The closest thing I found that might work is Mobiflight:

So, to answer your question, it seems you can't get there from here. I hope someone will correct me if I am wrong.


It might not be applicable to your efforts, but I use Air Manager for everything. It is designed to create instrument displays, but it also functions perfectly to drive Arduino cards of all types with pre-built code modules (examples) that can be downloaded from a library.

My helicopter sim uses Air Manager and I currently have three Arduino Mega cards running with it, along with native Lua code invoked via Linda to interact with the outside world. So for example, I use Air Manager to talk with the Arduino cards, but use Lua with Linda to talk to the Leo Bodner cards.

There is a free trial period for you to evaluate.
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