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October 25, 2021, 12:34:37 AM

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Project Magenta After Latest Update (Build 534)

Started by ScottThePilot, September 02, 2021, 01:54:42 PM

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September 02, 2021, 01:54:42 PM Last Edit: September 04, 2021, 12:11:45 PM by ScottThePilot Reason: Found Some Answers...

Still working issues and have some questions...

1. When aligning the IRS's we had the time set to 60 seconds and now it shows 3+ MN on the ND however, they align within about 5 seconds.  Is this in the pmsys737.lgc file and what does the 3+ MN mean (3+ minutes to align)?  Why do they align in about 5 to 10 seconds?

2. If you compare the BEFORE & AFTER ND displays that I am attaching, you will see that the ND display does not draw the terrain all the way down the display.  After the update, it stops drawing terrain just above the VOR lines near the bottom.  Before the update, the ND display would draw terrain all the way down to just above the DME lines.  Something is wrong here.  Maybe this is causing some of the draw issues. 

*** I think after reviewing real 737-800 that where the terrain draws down to is now correct.  The old software version was wrong to draw it down below where the VOR info is on the ND.

3. Heading toward PDZ VOR, look at picture labeled "Holding Pattern".  You will see the HOLD (pink dashes) at PDZ after we shoot the ILS.  The direction looks OK but the dashed lines are WAY longer mileage then they should be.  I stopped looking after I saw it more than 20 miles long.

4. There are also some new indications on the bottom of the ND (RNP 2.00, ANP 0.60, FMC R & FMC L).  I understand now what they are but can they / should they be turned off?  How?

*** I see these show up on the ND display in lots or real aircraft videos so guess that is a "good" addition.

5. I know that pmFBW is some Fly-By-Wire stuff needed it says for both Boeing and Airbus.  However, I don't have this installed anywhere on my system (was using pretty old software).  Is this needed for my Boeing 737 and if so where should it reside as an install?

6. I am also getting a new message on the Lower EICAS display only that gives an OpenGL Benchmark Value of 374 with an OK button.  It also puts up an ADI display which I think is just a background.  Once I click the OK button, the message and the ADI display go away and our normal Lower EICAS comes up (defaults to engines parameters).  Never have gotten this message before but looks like (manual says) it can be turned off in user settings.  Just not sure where (pmSystem, each GC folder)?

*** I found the line in Lower EICAS .ini file to turn the test OFF.

7. I saw in the BoeingPack update that there is a pm.dll which I think is associated with the pmFBW directories which I don't have.  Is this correct and again where should this pmFBW stuff go if needed for 737.

8. Since the update, on take off or any higher N1 power settings, I am getting in the "AMBER" range on the engine EGT.  It is not an outside temperature thing as it shows only 19C and we are only at 92% in the attached picture.  In all the prior years we NEVER had an AMBER on EGT even at max power.  Note I did NOT update the project magenta flight model which I think is still several years old.  But I believe I have the most recent one installed.  I am guessing there is an EGT range defined somewhere but can someone show me where?  Haven't been able to find it.   

I submitted all this to PM (Enrico) but since I updated he has been radio silent the last 3 days.  So not sure on these issues.

Thanks to all the "brains" as usual..
Pilot for 40+ years --- Software Coder for 40+ years -- Simmer For A Day!
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Hi Scott,
I do not use PM, but it sounds like a lot of the items you are mentioning are there for correcting realism of the displays.

As far as fly by wire, the 737 (even the MAX) is not a FBW airplane. The only Boeing airliners that are FBW are the 777 and 787.

Chief Pilot
Worldflight Team USA


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I realized being a real pilot that the FBW really shouldn't be needed for my 737 simulation.  Just wasn't sure if there was some bit of code baked into the pmFBW software that was required by all the PM airplanes with current update.

And yes I did discover that the displays actually are more realistically drawn now.  The routing still seems to be messed up (other post thread I started).

Pilot for 40+ years --- Software Coder for 40+ years -- Simmer For A Day!
Hummm.  Which do I love more...

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