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What have you done for your simulator today?

Started by blueskydriver, January 14, 2018, 04:01:20 AM

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Hey Warren,

You could just do a YouTube (YT) channel and post your videos, as well as your pics. You could just make a slide show of any pics and export them as a video to YT. Lot easier then doing a webpage....

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Lately I've been working on converting the 1900 to be compatible with FS2020. Recently had to rebuild the entire sim system due to some unforeseen issues with FlightIllusion hardware.

Spent the past few nights adding DME and TCAS info to my Avidyne EXP 5000 PFD software.

The conversion should allow me to use both X-Plane and FS2020 with minimal config changes. 2020 (At least in my opinion) has come far enough to be (Somewhat) usable in the sim...

...if only I can figure out how to start the @@%$$@&# engines in it! (That still seems to be an issue and I've never figured it out.)

Ray Sotkiewicz


Well, it's been pretty quiet here. What have I done for my simulator today?

I have acquired, temporarily, a laser cutter. I have to clean it up and check that it works before returning it.

It works, so I can do some quick experiments with making panels.

I can cut 3mm MDF. I can stack two pieces to make the 6mm (1/4") fascia for a panel, and engrave the decal into the top of the top piece.

So far I have tried engraving through blue painter's tape. It seems to work, but I need to wait a little longer for the acrylic infill to dry before removing the tape.

Now that I've had a go I think a better method will be:
Paint MDF with final colour, gloss finish
Engrave decal and cut panel in one operation (so that the decal remains aligned with the cuts)
Rub white acrylic paint into engraved areas. It should wipe off the gloss painted areas easily, but remain in the engraved areas.
Spray over with clear matt acrylic to seal the decal and give an overall matt result.

We'll see.


Summer is always a slow time for me for the "building" aspect of the sim.  Flying time recently is also diminished due to other outdoor distractions.

I would like to upgrade my visuals hardware to RTX3090 video cards along with the new Optoma projectors, but the outrageous prices for computer hardware right now preclude such (X3 in my case for my multi-channel visual system).

I am still mulling over whether to convert my NG to a MAX.

Fred K
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