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December 07, 2022, 03:09:29 PM

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Mickey's Flightdeck - A Boeing 737-800 Cockpit on Youtube

Started by Extraterra, August 02, 2017, 11:11:36 PM

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Finally the IRS panel is working. And the buttons of the keypad are mounted on my first homemade pcb.


As a preparation for the upcomming pedestal builds, I have constructed a dual rotary encoder.


Hey Mickey,

Thanks for posting the updates! I will be downloading the new files as well.

To all members, if you're looking for 3D .STL files, CNC files and Laser Cutter/Engraver files of everything Mickey has done on his B737NG. Visit his website and join for a small fee too get all his files and plans. This even includes his shell, panels or anything else he has come up with.

Trust me when I say you would never get these files anywhere for such a great a price! I've been in this hobby as a builder for 15+ years and can attest that Mickey's work is very nice.

Kind Regards,


Note: not monetarily affiliated with his website or Mickey's Flight Deck channel beyond being a customer/follower. These are just my personal thoughts as such.  ;D
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It's done!
With the cabin pressure panel, the last segment has found its way to my homemade overhead panel.
Bacause I had to order five pcbs, I have four of them left over now. So if you are building an overhead after my plans you can buy one pcb for 8,- EUR + shipping.


A new chapter of my cockpit project begins - the pedestal.
With the experiences of the build of my overhead panel I decided to build a modified version of my pedestal.
This time with all the needed screws prepared, 3D printed dummy knobs and handle and a magnetic maintenace openig.


Great video as always.  You are a real craftsman.


The first two panels for my pedestal are finished. I started with the Lights- and "Stab Trim & Flightdeck Door Panel". I also added all the blank plates to cover all the areas that won't be filled with panels.


Today, another segment has joined the existing panels in the pedestal. The Weather Radar Panel with its three potentiometers is ideal for explaining how internal variables in Mobiflight work.


June 12, 2022, 03:07:58 PM #108 Last Edit: June 12, 2022, 03:08:18 PM by Extraterra
The next panel of the pedestal is born. This time the navigation panel. And this time with a lot of things to learn about FSUIPC offsets and advanced configurations in MobiFlight.


Today you can watch the build process of my ADF panel. There will also be a deep demonstration of the configurations in MobiFlight.
Again you can order a set of two pcbs from me. These can be used if you are building your panels after my plans. A reworked version without the need of the two bridges will be available in september.
The price would be 8,- EUR with additional shipping.


Today I present you my version of the cargo fire panel. I think the designed buttons can also be interesting for other cockpit projects.


Today I present you my version of the transponder panel. A lot of components come together on a small space. But at the end everything fitted together.


As always Mickey ... Love your videos.  Your precision and skill is always a joy to watch and be inspired by.



Finally the Rudder Trim Panel is finsihed.
Be prepared for an exciting journey through a challanging development process.


Hello Mickey,   

Congratulations on your progress!  You have a unique talent in designing and building these Modules.  Your latest Rudder Trim Panel is another example of your engineering expertise -- and most of all, your spirit of sharing with others what you have done -- all in a manner of communication that is clear and concise.  Nice work!

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