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Title: Joke
Post by: warvet on September 12, 2009, 01:33:20 AM
Swedish gent asks if he can go up and see what  the cockpit looks like on a commercial jet. Flight attendant asks the Capt and Capt agrees and authorizes the visit. Sven comes in the flightdeck all excited and starts asking all kinds of questions, Capt all proud says, tell ya what sven go ahead and grab my yoke! Sven immediately reaches over and grabs the Captain between his legs and squeezes! The captain's face turns bright Red and yells at Sven! "MY GOD MAN THATS NO YOKE!" Sven realizing he had misunderstood the Captains command he pulled his hand away and looks at him kind of embarassed and says " Ja Captain from what i felt there, if I was that gifted It would definitely be no yoke :) :D :D ;D :box: